ANGEL FIERCE by Vijaya Schartz
Something’s rotten on the angel planet. When Avenging Angels turn up dead, Urielle, their Legion Commander, suspects the handsome intruder brought unspeakable evil to Azura.

Maksou never met a woman he couldn’t seduce. He came to the forbidden planet to rescue his friends and get rich in the process, but the jungle crawls with lethal life forms… including a gorgeous warrior angel, who saves his life but keeps him prisoner and challenges his irresistible charm.

Urielle, sworn to protect Azura at all costs, has no use for a maverick who ignores the rules and endangers the planet… no matter how attractive. Especially when the Galactic Trade Alliance (GTA) wages a secret war to get their greedy hands on the priceless crystal at Azura’s core.

Set up:
Maksou just escaped from the Byzantium space station in a stolen ship.

The engine noise settled to a low purr. Maksou exhaled his relief then lay back and relaxed in his seat. Safe! He allowed himself a smile. Soon, he would rescue his friends and they would all be rich beyond measure.
A silver-gray blur streaked through his field of vision and landed atop his console.
Maksou’s heart skipped then raced. “Holy Motherboard!”
Two green round eyes stared at him suspiciously from a fluffy mass of gray fur. “Meow!”
“Well, barnacle my circuits! You are frightfully big for a house cat.” The records didn’t mention any giant pet onboard. Maksou couldn’t resist the impulse and caressed the big cat’s head, enjoying the silky feel of the luxurious fur. “What’s your name?”
The cat purred louder under his ministrations.
“Your owner was in the hospital for months, but you look well fed and groomed.” Had Maksou missed some fine print in the deed of the ship? “Who has been taking care of you all this time?”
“I have.” The scantily clad girl, with blond hair rippling down to her waist, smiled as she walked toward him with a loose-hipped stride. “He’s a genetically engineered oversized Maine Coon, bred for companionship and stress release. His name is Comet.”
Shazbits! Passengers? That would complicate things. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”
“My name is Eva, and this is my home. Where is my captain?” She had perfect skin, lots of it, perfect nude shoulders and long naked legs... the most beautiful and tantalizing woman he’d ever seen… and he had seen many.
Yet, something familiar in the tone and cadence of the voice struck Maksou and he relaxed.
“You are an AI.” So, it was EVA, not Eva.
“Artificial Intelligence, yes. How can you tell? Most people cannot.” She smiled coyly.
“Let’s say I’m an expert.” Maksou admired the craftsmanship, the subtle body language, the sophisticated subroutines that made her look and probably feel as real as a natural woman. “Your old captain had excellent taste... in AIs, cats, and ships.”
The large cat stopped grooming to stare at Maksou, then resumed his toilette.
“Had?” EVA’s brow went up and her expression perfectly mimicked perplexity.
“Sorry to tell you, but your owner was long past his expiration date and very sick. He recently died in the hospital. This ship now belongs to me, Maksou Grosvenor.” Maksou gave a polite nod and felt silly for showing good manners to an automaton.
“I was not told of this. Why?” EVA’s large blue eyes widened. “How did you become the captain?”
“I bought the ship at the liquidation of the estate.” Maksou struggled to keep calm. He willed his maxillary muscles to relax. Some AIs could detect lies from facial expressions and body temperature.
EVA stared into empty space for a moment. “Verifying official records.”
“They are in order.” Maksou had hacked into the system and falsified the chain of transactions to redistribute the ownership. He’d forged every detail of credit transfer. No one would ever contest the authenticity of the new deed. “I officially own this ship with everything on board. So, I guess you now belong to me as well.”
“The records seem to be in order.” EVA smiled suggestively. “What should I call you, Captain Grosvenor?”
“Just call me Maksou.” He managed to hide his unease. This title of captain sounded weird.
EVA stepped closer and laid a warm hand on his thigh. “All right, Maksou. What can I do to give you pleasure? My old captain and I had a sweet connection.”
Maksou gently lifted her hand off his thigh. “Sorry, EVA. Not interested in that kind of interaction.” Any man would be lucky to use such a gorgeous piece of technology for pleasure, but Maksou wasn’t about to engage in a relationship with a machine... no matter how beautiful and sophisticated. Besides, he could never trust an amalgam of integrated circuits designed by someone else.
EVA pouted prettily and ran a light finger down his chest. “Are you certain? I am specifically programmed to simulate true love and give the most intense pleasure.”
“No, thanks.” Maksou chuckled. Her previous owner had more credits than brains. 

Each book in the series is a complete story, but FYI, here is the first book:

ANGEL MINE by Vijaya Schartz


Vijaya Schartz, author
High Octane sci-fi fantasy romance with a Kick 
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