New release: ANGEL OF LUSIGNAN by Vijaya Schartz

Medieval Fantasy Romance
by Vijaya Schartz
Curse of the Lost Isle Book 8
In eBook everywhere and in paperback
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Young knight Raymond of Forez, blaming himself for his uncle's death in a hunting accident, falls off his horse at the very sight of the lovely Melusine. He has no knowledge of their turbulent past. Even less that she is an immortal Fae with angel blood... afflicted by a curse. He doesn’t believe in the local legends... yet how can he resist such beauty and loving wisdom?

Melusine, who waited for him in Aquitaine, is full of remembered love. But can she trust this young knight with her mission, or her deadly secrets? In this explosive religious climate, the Church is suspicious of everyone, and the slightest rumor of witchery or Pagan magic could send them both burning at the stake. Can their love overcome the curse this time?


     Raymond raised his head and flinched at the jolt of pain. He reached and probed the lump on the back of his skull.
     “Easy. Do not move too fast.” The melodious feminine voice soothed the pounding in his brain.
     A woman? How odd. He forced words through his raw throat. “What happened?”
     Raymond opened his eyes upon the deep gray gaze of a blond beauty. Her long hair fell in smooth waves around her shoulders. The light of a camp fire illuminated her angelic face, or was it a saintly halo? A soft blue gown clung to her lovely shape. She looked vaguely familiar.
     He couldn’t suppress his grin. “I must have died and gone to heaven.”
     She chuckled and smiled at him, and him alone. “Nay, my lord. You are very much alive.”
     His mid section tightened at the lady’s beauty and attention, leaving no doubt he was indeed alive. She resembled the woman of his most secret dreams, the blonde beauty with eyes the color of a clear stream in summer. She’d haunted his sleep since puberty, and he’d looked for her in every woman he’d ever met. Now, here she was in the flesh... nay. He must be dreaming.
     “You fell off your horse when you caught me at my bath, do you not remember?”
     He gasped at the sudden memory of the naked nymph on the river bank, His blood stirred. He swallowed hard. “‘Twas you! Who are you?”
     “My name is Melusine.” Her lovely breasts hovered close when she dabbed at his forehead with a wet cloth. The large silver medallion between them caught the fire light, or did it glow of its own? “You should rest.”
     Rest? How could he? He glanced all around. Under the stars, half a dozen white square tents had sprouted in the clearing by the river bank. Guards sat around a fire and laughed at some jest, horses whinnied from a clump of trees nearby.
     Surprised at all the activity, Raymond sat up and his hand went to his sword hilt. His memories remained fuzzy, but he sensed no threat. He forced his hand to relax.
     The richly decorated tents indicated a noble traveling party. Under an awning, a lady in waiting combed her long dark hair. Cooks and servants busied themselves around the pots sitting on embers, while more cooks turned a whole deer on a spit over the main fire. Did they have permission to hunt on these lands? More confirmation this could not be real.
     The tantalizing aroma of roasting meat made his stomach grumble loudly. It felt real enough.
     “You must be hungry.” Lady Melusine held for him a silver platter loaded with sweet-smelling honey cakes.
     Raymond eyed the food suspiciously. Was it one of the enchantments sometimes attributed to this forest? Nay. Enchantments did not exist, so this must be real... or was it a dream? His fuzzy brain could not decide which.

 Vijaya Schartz
 Romance with a Kick
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