Bisexual Beauties: 10 Sexy Stories of Girls Who Love Girls… and Guys!

What could be better than ten scorching tales? How about ten bisexual shorts and novelettes by an award-winning queer author?

In Bisexual Beauties, eroticist Giselle Renarde assembles an eclectic cast of characters to arouse and entertain you. Girlfriends share their first taste of man in “Felicity’s First” while frisky folk singers take Winter along for the ride in “Forbidden Folk.” A curvy girl joins the action when she walks in on her co-worker crush seducing a sexy stranger. A proudly bisexual building super fixes more than just leaky pipes, and a concerned BFF helps her married friends break down barriers when she jumps into bed with them.

New fiction and fan favourites team up in this threesome-packed anthology. Whether you’ve always been a little bi-curious when it comes to erotica or you’re a die-hard fan of girls who love girls and guys, dive between the covers with these bisexual vixens! You won’t regret it.

Excerpt from "Felicity’s First" by Giselle Renarde:

“It’s that good?” Felicity asked. “Seriously? I barely did anything.”

“You did plenty,” Brant said.

His reaction was so intense that she licked his tip again. She lapped up the sweet sauce dripping from it. Yes… sweet. She really hadn’t expected that. She licked it again to get more, but Robyn shoved her out of the way. “You’re doing it wrong. Here, I’ll show you how.”

“I’m not doing it wrong,” Felicity fought back. “He likes it. I’m doing just fine.”

“But let me show you how to do it better,” Robyn pleaded as she wrapped her fist around Felicity’s. Pulling Brant’s cock to her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the tip. It looked so hot Felicity felt her belly grow warm as she watched. When Robyn was done, she pushed Brant’s cock toward Felicity and said, “Now you try.”

They both held his dick, but Robyn probably couldn’t feel it throbbing, the way Felicity could. In a way she wanted to think of it as an inanimate object, but it objected by pulsing against her palm.

“What are you waiting for?” Brant asked. “You came here to suck my dick, so suck it.”

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