Taboo Erotica: Frankie Steps Up

by Lexi Wood

Frankie’s kind of a nerd. Okay, full disclosure: he’s a HUGE nerd. Everyone in his graduating class teases him relentlessly. That’s why he’s shocked when Leslie, leader of the mean girls, steals his phone to put her number in it.  Little does he know the girls have orchestrated a cruel trick: they’ve sent a nasty sext to Frankie’s stepmother, pretending to be him. How will Frankie react when he gets home to find his sexy stepmom is up for anything?


“Get up here, young man.”  She sounded serious.  “I’d like to have a word with you.”
Oh god, had Leslie really told the principle that he’d exposed his dick to half the graduating class? Fuck!
“A word?”  Frankie’s blood ran cold.  “What about?”
“Just get upstairs, Frankie. I’m not going to have an entire conversation shouting from one floor to the next.”
His head buzzed.  He felt dizzy and… oh god, his knees were giving out beneath him.  He could hardly walk, but he somehow managed to pull himself up the stairs.  “Where are you?”
“In the bedroom. Where else would I be?”
Probably doing yoga.  The master suite was huge and she often worked out in the afternoon. Sometimes the sight of her in those tight-fitting clothes… well, there was a reason he didn’t bring his friends home to meet the family.  He knew they’d be drooling all over her and never let him live it down.  Really, if she wasn’t his stepmother, he might be tempted to think of her that way, too.
Her door was half-open, and Frankie took a deep breath before charging confidently forth.  “If Mr. Rajnaratnam called, I don’t think it’s fair for him to be talking to you without getting my side of the story first, because Leslie and the girls…”
Mummy Dearest wasn’t doing yoga.  She wasn’t wearing tight-fitting pants.  She wasn’t wearing a purple spandex tank top.  In fact, she wasn’t wearing any pants.  She wasn’t wearing any top.


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