In The Eye: Bisexual Storm Fetish Erotic Romance

In The Eye
Bisexual Storm Fetish Erotic Romance

by Giselle Renarde

Dale and Xu are not your typical tornado-chasers. These guys don’t pretend to be in it for the research. It’s a thrill ride for them, that’s all. Hell, they spend September to May bettering their minds as Grad students.  They could use a little excitement in their lives.

When Susitna begs to come along on their annual adventure, Xu is absolutely opposed. Dale convinces him to take her on as a driver so they can fulfill their fantasy of getting naked in the backseat during a storm--but they don't tell her that!  How will Susitna react to the boys' storm fetish?

Erotic Romance with a tornado fetish twist!

Word Count: 8,500


“Are you seriously this turned on just because of a tornado?” Susitna asked.

“It’s not just the tornado,” Xu said, raising his voice over the windstorm. He tore out of his top and pushed off his bottoms to reveal the hard dick Dale had come to know and love. “And it’s not just him. Lots of people find storms sexually thrilling.”

Susi was still dressed and dripping as she leaned over Dale to grab Xu’s cock. Resting her wet tits on Dale’s stomach, she pulled his erection out from under the mesh and pumped its shaft in time with Xu’s. As Xu groaned, bucking to meet her strong hand, the winds howled through their hideaway. A leafy branch flew through the air, smacking Xu clear in the face.

“Oh my god!” Dale cried. Susi clung to their cocks as he tore the branch away. “Are you okay?”

For a moment, Xu looked utterly stunned. After a brief silence, he chuckled. “I will never be defeated by foliage. Why don’t I just close this trap door, here?”

When he shut the shell, their hideaway went pitch black.

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