THE COMMANDER (Red, Hot, & Blue, Book 12) by Cat Johnson

To his men on his SpecOps team, Hank Miller is simply the commander. The military is his life, and that’s all he needs—until he travels to Pigeon Hollow for a wedding and meets the woman his men reverently call “Mama”.
Lois Gordon is nothing like Hank envisioned. Instead of the plump, older woman happily baking pies in her farmhouse kitchen, Lois is a smart, sexy powerhouse who runs Gordon Equine…and tempts him to break all his own rules.
The heat between them quickly flares into a weekend fling hotter than Lois’s oven. But with Hank’s dangerous career and two failed marriages between them, forever could be too much to ask for.
Warning: Contains one smoking-hot mama and a man tough enough to not need pot holders to handle her.

Matt stared toward the group near the house. “Can you believe she’s old enough to be Jimmy and Jack’s mother?”
“I know.” Trey shook his head. “She must have been a teenager when she had Jimmy.”
The rest of the group turned to look at the woman who was now in Jack’s arms.
“Wait a minute. That’s Mama?” Hank nearly choked. The tempting brunette in the flip-flops, blue jeans and well-filled T-shirt? The one he’d been staring at and drooling over for the past few minutes?
“Yup.” Matt nodded.
“No way.” Bull squinted into the distance. “I pictured her looking like Betty Crocker or Mrs. Butterworth. You know, short, plump, wearing an apron covered in flour and holding a pie in her hands.”
That was how Hank had visualized her too. He certainly hadn’t thought he’d be imagining rolling around sweaty with her like he’d been since he first laid eyes on the tempting woman.
“Are you sure that’s Mama?” Hank couldn’t wrap his mind around this revelation.
“Of course, we’re sure.” Trey laughed. “Matt and I were here during our leave last year.”
“Visiting Jack and Jimmy,” Matt added.
“Yes, I know.” Hank had more productive things to worry about than what shady things these two jokers had done. Things such as why was the one woman he’d been interested in since his divorce the mother of two of the men under his command? That made the situation as sticky as one of her famous pies.
Hank watched as Jimmy hustled an ill-looking Lia into the house. Jared and the blonde followed them inside with the suitcases from the trunk of the convertible, and Jack escorted Mama back toward the SUV...and Hank.
His heart rate sped the closer she got, and he smothered a curse at how his body reacted to her like he was a damn teenager. This was the last thing he needed, a schoolboy crush on an off-limits woman.
He searched for a reason to not be attracted to Mama, besides the fact that she was Mama. He knew Jack and Jimmy’s father had left when they were young. He didn’t seem to be in the picture at all. Maybe Mama had a boyfriend. A woman who looked that good wouldn’t stay alone long. Yeah, that would be good. If she were dating, the guy would be invited to the wedding, and then Hank wouldn’t be tempted to even think about her. He blew out a soft breath as Mama took another step toward him.
Perhaps if he kept thinking of her as Mama, he’d remember how off-limits she was. That was his plan and he was sticking to it. Though his resolve wavered as she stood in front of him.
“Commander, this is my mama, Lois Gordon,” Jack introduced them. “Mama, Commander Hank Miller.”
Up close she looked even more like her sons. Like them, she had hazel eyes and golden-brown hair, except hers fell to her shoulders in soft, sun-kissed waves.
Hank extended his hand. “Mrs. Gordon, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Your boys have told me so much about you.”
Everything except how young and attractive she was. That bit of information would have been nice to have in advance.

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