A Happy Christmas Ending
by Christiane France

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-525-7 (Electronic)

The sequel to the Amber Allure best-seller Raindrops And Roses...

When Drew and Michael first met, they spent every minute of their free time together, making love, dreaming, planning and generally behaving like they lived on their own private planet. Now, almost three months later, they’re still together, but only just. Michael’s been gradually distancing himself from Drew and he’s not returning Drew’s calls. They’re supposed to be spending Christmas with Michael’s family, so Drew forces a meeting. If Michael has met someone else, he wants to know, and he wants to know now.

Will the holiday turn into a disaster, or will the men have a happy Christmas ending?

NOTE: This story is part of the London Calling series.


...I waited until after dinner to call Michael. He answered on the third ring.

I didn’t want to come across as pushy or make it sound as if I was checking up on him, so I said, “Hi, it’s Drew. How’s things?”

“Can I call you back?”

It was the same thing he’d said the two other times I’d called and I was still waiting for a call back. Three times in a row was way too much. My internal radar was flashing red alert and I wasn’t about to get brushed off. “Why? You busy or something?”

“I am kind of. Is this important?”

I sighed loudly in the hope he’d hear me. “You mean you have company?”

“No. I umm… Look, Drew. I’m busy. I have a headache, and I really don’t feel like chatting.”

“What’s wrong, Michael? And please don’t say nothing. I’m not stupid or thick, so I know damn well there is. If we’re done, please say so. Otherwise, an explanation would be nice.”

“Okay! So I’m tired, overworked, and I really do have a headache. Satisfied?”

“No, I’m not satisfied. Far from it. You’ve been pulling this overworked and overtired shit on me for weeks. It’s getting old. You don’t want to talk, you don’t want to go anywhere, and now you don’t even return my calls. All of which I take to mean you don’t want to see me. If this is your way of saying we’re over, then spit it out. I’m a big boy, Michael. I can take it. What I can’t take is living in limbo like this.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Drew. I don’t want us to break up. That’s the absolute last thing I want. If I did, I would have said.”

“Then prove it. I haven’t seen you in ages. Let’s get together for a drink. Either here at Jasper’s or I can come over there to you.”

“Sure, but can we please do it some other night?” I heard him suck in a deep breath. “I’m sorry. It’s not you. It’s me. I have a few problems. Things I need to deal with. I wouldn’t be very good company.”

“So what? I thought we were a couple.”

“We are.”

“Well, for your information, couples are supposed to share things—the good times, the bad times, and especially the problems. Or didn’t you read the memo?”...

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