Ten days until Valentine’s Day. Unlike the big commercial fuss we make of it today, there was once a time St. Valentine’s Day was when you sent a card anonymously to the one you loved in the hope they would guess it was from you and that your feelings were reciprocated.

I remember once seeing a very old Valentine’s Day card that was covered with tiny, different colored, satin bows. The fabric of the bows was faded and some were frayed, but beside each bow was a message. I don’t remember them all but those that I do went like this…If you love some other fellow, send me back this bow of yellow. If of me you sometimes think, send me back this bow of pink. And my favorite…If to me you would be true, send me back this bow of blue.

I’ve often wondered how many hearts beat in nervous anticipation, wondering if whoever they’d sent the card to would know who it was from. And if so what color bow would come back? Would it bring happiness or heartbreak? Or would the card go unanswered, leaving the sender to wonder if it was lost in the mail or if the person they’d sent it to simply didn’t care? Maybe it just got delayed and wasn’t delivered until many years later. Maybe it’s still sitting there in someone’s memory box because the sender never found the courage to mail it. And just maybe the person who received the card couldn’t decide who the sender was and didn’t want to take a chance and guess.

And what happened next? Did the senders and receivers of those anonymous cards find true love together or did they find it with someone else? And what about those who never mailed the card or didn’t have the courage to figure out who’d sent it? Are they still somewhere out there, dreaming and hoping that true love will eventually find them?

For all of us who’ve found true love and for all of us who’re still looking, I hope St. Valentine’s Day 2013 is a truly special day for each and every one of us.

Christiane France

Now And Forever
by Christiane France

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-902-6 (Paperback)


Nothing says romance like a broken heart or a lonely one searching for its soul mate. We’ve all been there. You’re so sure you’ve found your true love, but something happens and it’s back to lonely nights and breakfast for one. Or perhaps you’re so scared of getting hurt you become overly cautious and don’t realize what’s staring you in the face.


Alain Lazier was heartbroken when his longtime partner told him it was over. He’d been positive James was Mr. Right until he met up with an old acquaintance and realized he’d had a lucky escape. Seth Lawley was ready to settle down if and when he met the right man. But Seth was so darn cautious if it hadn’t been for Grant’s matchmaking cat the two of them would never have got together.

Best-selling author Christiane France offers two tales of Gay Erotic Romance, one where a broken heart and a chance meeting have unexpected results, and the other where an impatient and matchmaking feline conspires to bring two lonely men together.

Previously available only in electronic format, these stories have now been combined for a paperback edition! Included are the tales...

·  Blues In The Night
To celebrate their reunion after a six-month work-related separation, Alain and his partner James have planned to meet up for the perfect dream vacation. When James calls with what Alain expects to be details of his arrival time at the first stop on their itinerary, James says he won’t be joining him. He’s met someone new, the temporary assignment has turned into a permanent job, and sorry, but their relationship is over.

Alain leaves the hotel, hoping the sights and sounds of the city will help distract him from the shock of James’ desertion, maybe stop him from trying to figure out ways of changing the unchangeable. As evening turns to night, he continues walking, up one street and down the next until music drifting up from a basement nightclub catches his attention. The singer’s voice is distinctive, different, and it sounds like Kenny Dumaine, a man Alain met in his hometown a couple of years ago.

Kenny doesn’t remember him at first. But Alain is drinking heavily, and when he mentions what sounds like a romance gone wrong, Kenny recalls the circumstances of their first meeting. Alain had helped him out of a bad spot, and now it looks like he needs the favor returned. Kenny was attracted to Alain first time around, and although things never turned physical, that hasn’t changed. As an entertainer, always on the move, he’s learned to keep things casual. His last performance is the following night, and the next day he’ll be gone. Where’s the harm in offering an old acquaintance a little badly needed TLC?

·  And The Cat Came Back
Home renovator Seth Lawley is ready to settle down if the right man comes along, but he’s cautious. He believes he who hesitates saves himself a whole lot of heartbreak.

Grant Kenyon, on the other hand, is ready to take a chance. He figures anyone who hesitates when it comes to grabbing what he wants from life risks losing out.

Foofuss, Grant’s bossy, matchmaking Persian cat, has decided his master needs company and Seth is it...that’s if he can figure out the perfect plan to bring the two of them together.

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