It takes two to tango, but three to do the two-step with these Texas cowboys…

Londoner Maryann Morrissy finds the companionship she's missing by making friends on the Internet with fellow rodeo fans in the States. Her fiancé Robert doesn't understand her new obsession. His mocking is just one more thing in a long list that convinces Maryann he's not the man for her. Perfect timing, because Maryann is flying to Texas where two rodeo cowboys are waiting to show her the ropes.

Annoyed he has to pick up his sister's British online buddy from the airport, tie-down roper Wes Griffin drags his best friend Shooter with him. Misery loves company until Wes sees Maryann get off the plane. When her sexy accent makes his heart do the two-step, Wes begins to wish he'd kept Maryann all to himself because Shooter is just as intrigued. 

After the nasty end to Maryann’s engagement, she's ready to take both cowboys on, but is Wes willing to share?

G Rated Excerpt:
Chapter One

“Are you on that bleedin’ computer again? It’s the middle of the night.”

Maryann Morrissy cringed at her fiancé’s obvious annoyance.

“Yes. Sorry, luv. Did I wake you?” She’d been trying to hit the keys as quietly as possible, but in the dead of night, everything sounded horribly loud.

“Your racket didn’t help, but I can’t sleep anyway. I had a dodgy meal today. Not feeling quite up to snuff.” Robert rubbed his belly.

“Really? Where did you eat?” She frowned. “And I thought you had an important meeting. That’s why you couldn’t have lunch with me.”

“Uh, right.” He hesitated just a beat. “It was a working lunch. Probably the sandwiches we ordered in were a little past their time. I’ll have to remember not to order from there again.”

“Yes, do that. You should call to complain. Let them know. Which shop was it? You never did say.”

“Um, some new place. I’m not sure. The secretary ordered for us.”

“Well you be sure to ask her the name tomorrow. I don’t want to go there either. Not if they can’t be trusted.”

“Maryann. Honestly, what is this, an inquisition? I’m tired, I don’t feel well, and I don’t know the damn name of the shop. All right?”

“All right. Sorry.” Maryann’s brows rose. Robert always did get extra cranky when he hadn’t had enough sleep.

“Who in the bloody hell are you talking to on there at this hour?” He stumbled through the bedroom doorway and across the flat, scratching his willy through his boxers most of the way.

She dragged her attention away from his display of poor manners and back to his face. “My friends in the States. It’s still early there.”

“Your friends. Ha.” Robert let out a snort. “They’re not your friends, luv. They’ve never met you, never will and probably wouldn’t want to anyway.”

“That’s not true.” She scowled. It never ceased to amaze Maryann how he could call her “luv” and still say the most hurtful things to her, all in the same breath.

The people she talked to online were nicer than Robert in recent days. Why was she with him again? Lately she’d been having trouble remembering. It must have been the side effect of an extended engagement.

Robert paused next to the computer and frowned at the long stream of messages on the screen. “TXCowgirl? Luv2Ride? Who are these people?”

“They’re rodeo fans.”

“Rodeo?” His deep frown elaborated further upon his one word exclamation. Guess that showed her his opinion of her most recent interest. “What in the bloody hell do you know about the rodeo?”

“I’m learning.” Torn between hurt and anger, Maryann felt a pout coming on and quickly tried to erase the expression before Robert saw it. He’d only make fun of her for acting like a child. He’d done so before.

“Why? We live in a flat in London, not in effing Wyoming or wherever there are cowboys and rodeo. Leave it to you to find another way to waste time.”

I’m sure cowboys would be much nicer to me than you.

If only she had the nerve to say that out loud. “It’s not a waste. It’s interesting. And fun.”

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