Just Desserts-a romantic comedy from Cat Johnson

Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but these three tales are hot, hot, hot!

Private Investigations
Donna is the kind of person who never thinks twice when it comes to helping a friend in need. So when her co-worker suspects her boyfriend of cheating, Donna is right there in the stakeout car next to her. Little does she know that their brief foray in private investigation will lead to her own investigating of a sexy PI's privates.

Between Love and Hate
Jade thought she'd found the one, until she finds proof her boyfriend has been secretly meeting someone else. What's a girl to do? Get back at him, of course. However, sometimes things aren't always as they seem.

Saving Grace
As Valentine's Day approaches, Grace realizes all of her friends have found the loves of their lives while she is still alone and lonely. But when a secret admirer sweeps her off her feet, she discovers that Mr. Right may really be oh-so-wrong. With help from an unexpected ally, can she get free of him before she finds herself all tied up?

This work has been previously published. It has been edited for rerelease.

Excerpt: G rated
“Snap out of it, Jade. You can’t go on like this with Daniel. You have to confront him. Today.”

Uh, oh. Donna was taking the tough love approach. Jade had seen her get like this when Grace was acting ridiculous, but Donna’s wrath had never been directed at her before.

“I know I do.” Jade felt her eyes begin to fill with tears again and laughed bitterly. “Can’t do it tonight though. He’s ‘working late’ again at the office.”
Jade snorted at what that probably meant. Donna was right. This was tearing her apart. She couldn’t live in limbo like this any longer.

“Go and confront him there,” Grace suggested. “If Daniel isn’t at the office when he said he would be, you’ll have proof he wasn’t there because you were. If he is there with someone else, you’ll catch him red-handed. Right, Sam? What’s your professional opinion as an ex-cop and private investigator?”

At Grace’s question, Sam looked up from inspecting the hunk of olive he’d found embedded in the slice of bread in his hand. He wore an expression of surprised horror that would have been laughable had Jade not been so miserable. “Oh, no. I’m not getting involved in this.”

Grace scowled. “Why not? Male solidarity? Are you siding with Daniel on this?”

Sam’s brow furrowed into a frown. “No. I’m just staying out of it.”

“You’re Daniel’s neighbor. Have you ever seen that woman there before or since?” Donna asked.

Jade’s heart pounded as she waited for Sam to answer. He looked miserable, like he was debating if not answering Donna’s question meant he wouldn’t be having sex again for the foreseeable future.

Apparently Sam’s sex drive won out over male solidarity. He blew out a loud breath. “I only saw her that once, I swear. And I literally only saw her walking into the apartment. Nothing more.”

She let out a long sigh of relief at his answer.

Donna looked at Jade with her stern face again. “You really do need to confront him.”

Jade considered. Maybe Grace’s idea wasn’t so horrible. She’d never be able to get the nerve up alone in his apartment while he was being all sweet to her. But if she went to his office and he wasn’t there, or wasn’t alone, she’d be able to do it. “Will you guys come with me to his office tonight?”

Grace swallowed a gulp of wine. “Sure.”

“Of course, Jade.” Donna nodded and then turned to Sam expectantly.

He opened his eyes wide. “Oh, no. I answered your question but that’s all I’m going to do. I’m definitely not going with you. I’ll wait right here for you to get back.”

Donna scowled. “Fine.”

“There is one problem. It’s a secure building. There’s a guard twenty-four hours a day on the desk in the lobby and after hours, the front door is locked,” Jade informed them all.

“Hmm. That could be an issue.” Donna sighed. She glanced at Sam.

The crease in his brow furrowed deeper. “No. No way. I’m not breaking and entering and you shouldn’t be doing it either. None of you.”

Donna waved away Sam’s order and turned back to Jade and Grace. “So how do we get in?”

“I figure this one could flirt her way past anybody. Look at her. If the guy has a pulse, we’ll get in.” Grace hooked a thumb at Jade. “And we’ll both show some boob too, just in case. Who wouldn’t let the three of us in?”

Sam looked up at the ceiling helplessly and mumbled. “God help me.”

Donna raised a brow at him. “If you came with us, you could help us get in. Flash a badge or something.”

“First of all, I don’t have a badge any longer. I’m retired. Remember? Second, all Jade has to do is talk to Daniel, not sneak into his office. If you had talked to me instead of jumping to conclusions that first night, you would’ve saved us both a lot of grief. And third, I repeat, I am not getting involved in this.”

Donna shrugged. “Fine. I only hope the three of us don’t end up in jail.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “If you do then you’ll need me to bail you out, now won’t you. Of course I’ll tell my buddies to keep you overnight and I’ll come get you out tomorrow morning, after you’ve all learned your lesson.”

There was a resounding, “Hmmph” from Donna and Jade had a feeling Sam wouldn’t be getting any that night after all. But she couldn’t worry about her friend’s sex life. They had a break-in to stage, an office to infiltrate and an alibi to crack.

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