NEW RELEASE! "Cuff Divers" by Giselle Renarde

My newest ebook CUFF DIVERS hits the market today, and it's a fun one! Interfering parents, awkward family gatherings, and the hot cop across the street! Why not kick off your weekend with an erotic lesbian love story?

Cuff Divers - Giselle Renarde

Parents...sheesh! Don't you just hate it when they set you up with the lesbian cop across the street? 

Christina's parents hate that she's still single. They've long accepted that their daughter is attracted to women, but wish she had someone special in her life. They're constantly looking to set her up. Nicole, the neighbors' butch granddaughter, is in the same situation. Thus begins a multi-family quest to pair up the lesbians. Christina never pictured herself settling down with a police officer--especially not one in the itinerant Underwater Search and Recovery Unit. The more she talks with Nicole, the more attractive putting down roots with her feels. Could this parental matchmaking conspiracy actually work?

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-60054-568-9
Category: FemErotica

Length: 31 pdf Pages / 4679 words

Rating: 3

Formats Available: pdf, prc, lit, zipped html,lrf, epub, RB,
Cover Price: $2.00

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Finally, when the coast was clear, Christina swaggered up to Nicole. Her heart pounded against her ribs, but at the same time she felt ultra-confident. “So, my mom says you’re driving me home.”

Nicole, with her copper complexion and short dark hair, smirked and asked, “Oh, am I really?”

“Yes, yes,” an eavesdropping grandmother chimed in. “Nicole, I forgot to mention, Christina lives in Bracebridge too. I figured you could give her a ride.”

The butch diver’s grin grew self-assured. Her gaze locked with Christina’s as she nodded. “I’ll give her a ride. No problem.”

Christina loved a good double-entendre. “You’re sure it’s no trouble?” she teased. “And you can take me all the way?”

Nicole nodded, crossing her arms in front of her decorated chest. “I can get you there.”

Girl looked good in that uniform. Damn good.

After hugging the hero, kindly grandparents sent them home with leftovers galore.

“I think my family likes you,” Nicole laughed as they got into her car. “They’ve never been so insistent about me going home with a girl.” She revved the engine, and they were off.

Christina’s heart jumped into her throat. Were they speeding, or was her body just crazy with desire? “Oh, so now you’re coming home with me? I thought you were just giving me a ride.”

After a moment of silent seduction, Nicole said, “Your call.”


Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

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