The Club At Cool Harbor By Christiane France ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-760-1 (Electronic)Blurb:A year ago, all private investigator Gabe Muller needed to complete his perfect life was the perfect man.Then he met fellow P.I., Raz Reynolds, the man of his dreams. The attraction was mutual, and they made a date for dinner at Raz’s house. When Gabe arrived, he found Raz on the patio having sex with another man. Although literally caught with his pants down, Raz tried to explain that things weren’t at all the way they looked, but Gabe wasn’t buying it. Hurt and disillusioned, he cut off all contact with Raz.Now, the security firm for which Gabe works is hired by the owner of Le Club, the new all gay males’ resort at Cool Harbor, to stop the leak of highly sensitive, personal information about members’ leisure-time activities. Posing as a waiter, Gabe arrives to investigate and immediately runs into Raz, also there undercover. Although Gabe is working for the owner and Raz for one of the club members, their goal is the same. For this reason, Gabe suggests they temporarily put personal differences aside and share information.For Raz, it’s the perfect opportunity to try to convince Gabe what he thought he saw a year earlier wasn’t at all what it seemed. When Gabe learns the truth, will he believe Raz, forgive him, and give the man another chance?Excerpt:...Raz grinned. “It just occurred to me that if the doms at Le Club are masked, they know who they’re flogging or subduing or whatever, but the one on the receiving end may not.”Gabe frowned. “I thought that kind of thing was an established partnership, not just a one-off. You know, one or more slaves and their regular slave master, in which case, everyone knows everyone else. Of course, I could be wrong.”“Maybe it’s different at Le Club,” Raz suggested. “You know, like a spa. They come for a few days of R&R and they get to try out all the different disciplines and toys.”“As in someone hides his identity behind a mask and practices being a dom, then gets in touch with his media buddies and says, ‘Hey, guys, you won’t believe what X likes having done to him, which is great because I really needed to fix that sucker good, and he doesn’t have a clue who I am.’ Somehow, I don’t think that’s too likely.”“Why not?” Raz looked slightly offended. “You have a problem with that theory? I’m not saying some of them don’t go to the club to find new playmates, indulge in a couple of fantasies, or learn new things because I think that was the original idea behind Le Club—somewhere way off the beaten track where they can be themselves without constantly looking over their shoulders. However, that being said, these are sane, well-educated men we’re talking about here; guys who obviously know their way around the gay scene.“I just don’t see any of them engaging in what we both know are potentially dangerous, maybe even lethal sex games with complete strangers. At least, not the kind of heavy stuff I was told has been hinted at.” Gabe laughed and ran his hand very slowly down Raz’s flat stomach, stopping a scant inch or two short of his cock. “Sorry, babe. I think you’re really reaching.”“In that case, why don’t you do the same? Reach a tiny bit lower and put me out of my misery. Please!” Raz’s dark eyes danced with what Gabe suspected were deliciously wicked thoughts, then they slid shut as Raz ran the tip of his tongue around his mouth. “Imagine you’re my slave and you have to obey my every command.”“And if I don’t?” Gabe unbuttoned Raz’s cut-offs, noticing he wasn’t wearing anything underneath them as he lowered the zipper to reveal Raz’s aroused shaft.“I’ll have to think up a suitable punishment.”Gabe pulled Raz’s cock free of confinement and rubbed his thumb over the damp and sensitive tip, loving the way Raz groaned and pushed against his hand. “What’s your pleasure, master?”“I want you to kiss me first.”“Like this?” Gabe stroked Raz’s lips with his tongue and then gently levered them apart. “Open your mouth.”Raz smiled as he reached up and ran a finger down Gabe’s cheek, a soft, butterfly touch that made Gabe even more aware of their mutual need. “You have to make me want to do that.”“Okay, master, if you say so.” Gabe pinched one of Raz’s nipples, hard. “How’s that?”“Ouch! That—” Before Raz could complete the sentence, Gabe had him pinned to the bed and his tongue was halfway down Raz’s throat.Raz tried to wrestle him off, but Gabe was the stronger and the heavier of the two. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts to escape, Raz relaxed and let his body go limp. “S’okay if you want to be master,” Raz murmured as Gabe gentled his assault. “I just love a guy who knows how to take charge.”Gabe sucked on Raz’s tongue for a moment, but then Raz’s body stiffened just a little and he backed off, contenting himself with a little tongue-tango as he acquainted himself with Raz’s taste. The absolute last thing Gabe wanted to do was to rush this.He wanted tonight to be everything he’d hoped and dreamed of for what should have been their first time, the one that never happened. He wanted it to be perfect, magical even, a time of caring and sharing and getting to know one another. A time they would want to remember and build on...www.chrisgrover.ca

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