Hooked On You by Anne Whitfield

Katie Edwards is the heroine of my new release, Hooked On You. She's sassy and clever and completely bored with her life.
Katie Edwards is 28, single, and living the life--or so she thinks.
After leaving a groping boss, who enjoyed putting the personal in personal assistant, Katie lands a job as an assistant for Liam Kennedy, a sports freak. She hates sports, and not only is Liam a sports fanatic, but he's good at everything. The last thing Katie expects is to fall in love. But he’s simply sex on wheels. And the longer they're working together, the more she wants him.
Working for a sexy man sounded fabulous, but she should have been careful what she wished for, because gorgeous employers are a hazard to the heart. Now, Katie’s in lust and he thinks she’s a dizzy chick who only knows how to party.
How can she be professional when all she wants is to hop into his bed? Will he ever take her seriously enough to see how perfect they'd be for each other? Or is she doomed to be hooked on him forever?
You can read about Katie's antics on her road to true love in paperback or digital ebook. Hooked On You is available now from Amazon.com USA http://tinyurl.com/ye2nkz3 or Amazon UK http://tinyurl.com/ygx482z

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