Hunting With the Wolf

WANTED: A killer!

Romona Hilliger
Author Romantic Suspense

Filled with stunning twists and surprises, this story
keeps the pulse racing while challenging the emotions...

Rating v. sensual
Never in her wildest dreams did the young beauty, Megan Ducass expect be caught up in a hunt for a killer while on holiday in Australia’s Outback.
As he lived and breathed, the maverick, with fire in his eyes and a physique like mortal sin, has sworn to avenge his wife’s rape and murder. But Buck Daniel, discovers that scouring the Australian Outback with revenge on his mind, isn’t that easy. Hitting dead-ends and false information, keeps him just one step behind his quarry. And then, out of nowhere, he’s confronted with a young woman in distress.
Megan is in desperate need of bush photographs to tie up a contract of a lifetime. But securing a ride through the bush proves difficult, until Buck reluctantly, answers her plea for help.
But travelling with Buck is a dangerous business. Their campsite is invaded by two thugs on motorbikes, out to warn him off, none too gently. Meg teams up with Buck, and her surprising self-defence skills, win Buck’s admiration.
But in the bargain, Meg is hurt, and in his gentle care, she senses the throb of desire running through him, well aware of the answering cry within herself. Dark secrets and stormy passions surrender to love.

Tortured with guilt, Buck believes he’s betrayed his wife’s memory and the quirk of fate that has brought them together now threatens to tear them apart.

With his wife’s murder avenged and Meg armed with her photographs, they are both ready to leave and go their separate ways.

They now, face the fight of their lives – the fight within themselves to acknowledge their love for each other. But will Buck’s past forever, haunt him? Or will the love he sees in Meg’s eyes prove the more powerful…



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