Is the name of the little dog in Wicked Desire. A constant source of annoyance to the hero, but Maggie's best friend. And the reason she and Matt meet for the first time. It's kind of funny when a 6 foot 4 inch motorcycle cop knocks on the heroine's door with her tiny poodle clinging to the ankle of his leather boot. Of course he doesn't think it's funny. Maggie's sense of humor gets the best of her and lands her in deep do do.

You'll find an animal in almost all of my books. I love animals, have three furry kitties of my own and grew up with dogs, hamsters, birds, and fish. I think they bring a lot to a story. They can be fun, funny and dangerous. I like to make my animals mischievous.

I got the name Dammit from my Uncle Ted. Years ago I recall him talking about his dog. He explained he gave the dog that name because he was always getting into trouble and Uncle Ted would constantly yell out, dammit! The name just stuck and after a while the dog responded to that name. I thought it was a cute story.

Wicked Desire was my second torrid romance with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and can be purchased as a download or print copy. The excerpt posted below has never been posted.

“Can you reach the towline?”

She glanced down at the rope trailing in the water and bent over the side to reach for it. It was farther than she thought. The rope remained just beyond her fingertips. She stretched as far as she could, until the muscles at the back of her legs tightened as she balanced on the very tips of her toes. Oh no! Her eyes rounded when her feet slipped on the deck and she felt herself going over the side headfirst.

“Matt!” She tried to straighten.

“I’ve got you.” Maggie felt his body flush against her backside. His hands took hold of her waist and he pulled her back and held her against him. “Now try,” he said against her ear. A delicious shiver traveled down her spine. Instant heat enveloped Maggie at their close proximity. She tried to ignore their intimate position and focus on the towline but that was impossible.

Matt was too virile and she wanted him too much. All she could think about was her bottom being flush against the front of him. She was finally able to clutch the rope and stood up to find she was trapped between Matt and the boat, and he wasn’t moving. His large hands slid down to her hips in a slow caress. Maggie sucked in her breath and closed her eyes, feeling his arousal strengthen. For a moment they seemed frozen, attuned to each other and nothing else. Matt’s breath was hot against the back of her neck, teasing the fine hairs there.

“Mathew…” The gentle breeze carried his name away, over the water and beyond. Maggie was ready to make love to him there and now, in the bottom of the boat or standing up for anyone to see. Thinking about him day and night had primed her for loving. The breeze nearly blew Matt’s low groan away before she heard it. Suddenly, and without warning, he leaned forward and began to nibble the skin beneath Maggie’s ear. She shivered violently, arching against him with reaction. His open mouth traveled over her neck and collarbone where he’d nudged her shirt aside.

“You know what it does to me when you say my name like that?” he rasped against her flesh, forcing her against the boat. His hands slowly moved away from her hips, gliding up beneath her shirt, his intentions obvious. Maggie held her breath as they paused beneath her breasts, before he turned the palms up and cupped them. A burst of liquid fire pooled between her legs. A soft cry escaped through her parted lips.

“Mathew,” she whispered again, smiling. Tempting him to lose control if she could.

He shuddered against her. “God.you feel good. I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind, Maggie.” He moved his body in a way that wasn’t obvious except to her. “I haven’t been able to forget how good you feel when I’m sliding into your body. How good it feels when your muscles tighten around me with wet heat. I think you’ve put a spell on me. I don’t want this, yet I’ve never wanted anything more.”

Maggie grinned. It didn’t feel that way to her. “No willpower?”

“Apparently not where you’re concerned.”

Maggie twisted her head to look at him; without warning he swooped down and covered her mouth with his.

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