URBAN WOLF - The Wolf Hunt Begins!

I'm delighted to announce the release of Urban Wolf, the first of my new futuristic werewolf series, Wolf Hunt.

Here's the blurb and an adult excerpt from Urban Wolf, just out on Friday!

Wolf Hunt 1: URBAN WOLF
Now available from Changeling Press

A man wakes up naked and alone in a city doorway -- with no memory of how he got there or who he is. The locals assume he’s a drunken pervert and try to drive him away. Only journalist Rose Winter believes he’s more than that, but even she isn’t prepared for the truth.

Following up a story, Rose finds herself hunted through the city at night by a giant wolf. As her wolf story begins to converge with her sexy naked man, her own secret becomes impossible to keep. Loyalty and duty can’t prevent these enemies from becoming lovers on the run, but they both know their love is doomed as much by their own nature as by interplanetary politics.


He threw the spatula into the pan and ran his fingers through his hair. His hand shook. With oddly intense compassion, she realised the man was damaged, that she’d been right all along. He had a story all right. But like this, he was way beyond her ability to deal with.

“Look, I’ve got to go,” she said awkwardly. “I’ll leave my card in case you want to talk…”

But at that, his head snapped up. “Oh no, wait a minute.”

In two strides, he was across the room, backing her into the door. Panic flared. Stay calm, don’t upset him… Smart arse. Who can take care of herself? She was afraid to breathe.

His dark, troubled eyes stared down into hers. “Don’t run off. I need to talk to you.”

“Do you need to do it while rubbing noses?”

A hint of confusion flickered in his eyes, chased by a gleam of amusement. “No, but I find I quite like it.”

He was too quick, too direct, and yet under the darkening of his eyes, her fear drained away. What was left was an excitement that tightened her nipples and made her stomach tingle.

“You’re very beautiful,” he said softly. He bent his head, breathing in, as though inhaling the scent of her hair, the skin of her face and neck. “And alluring, even if…” He broke off. His warm breath glanced off her lips, her cheek, the tiny hairs at the side of her neck and she shivered.
“What are you doing in this classy part of town?”

She swallowed. “Following a story.” His hard chest brushed against her breasts.

“About me?”

“God, no. Why do you say that?”

“Because I can’t rid myself of the notion that I know you.” His head lifted, the dark eyes pierced hers as though pinning her to the wall. It should have been scary, and yet her chief thought was that he had beautiful eyes, deep, dark and intense, the eyes of a passionate and complex man.

Pulling herself together, she said evenly. “You don’t. I came down here to find the people who reported seeing a giant wolf last night. Several of them live near here. On the way, I saw the crowd gathered around you.”

“And now you want my story too?”

“If it’s newsworthy. Would you give me it?”

His eyes dropped to the region of her lips, and the butterflies in her stomach began to squirm downward. He sounded distracted as he replied, “With my photo on the Newscreens? No way.”

“It must be frightening not remembering who you are,” she said breathlessly.

“Actually, I’m starting to find it curiously… uplifting. I have no baggage, no past to temper what I want to do.”

“Which is?”

“To kiss you,” he said, and did.

His lips took hers strongly, making her gasp into his mouth in surprise. His tongue drove between her lips, and the tingling in her pussy caught fire. Her hands, which had been reaching up with the vague intention of pushing him away, now clung to his powerful shoulders, drawing him closer instead until his hard chest pressed against her aching breasts.

When he manoeuvred his lower body onto hers, his hardening cock against her stomach, she let out a tiny moan. Her pussy clenched and released a flood of sexual moisture into her panties. His arms were around her, hard and irresistible. She knew she’d never be able to throw him off, but nothing had prepared her for the sheer, overwhelming pleasure of being held helpless in the arms of a stranger, this stranger, while he kissed her mouth with wild, sensual thoroughness, and ground his cock into her, dragging her up on her tiptoes so that he could fit it between her thighs and find the hot, damp tenderness of her pussy. She was so wet she was sure he could feel it, even through her clothes and his...

:) Thanks for reading!


Marie Treanor
Haunting Romance
The Wolf Hunt begins...
Urban Wolf, Out Now from Changeling Press

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