Sex Therapy: Spiritual Style

Sex Therapy: Spiritual Style
Shiela Stewart

Therapy was never so sexy…or so dangerous.

Paranormal Investigators, Gina and James Anderson have lost the pizazz in their marriage. Despite being near the verge of separating they take a job investigating a haunted house. Little do they know the spirit within has ulterior motives. Sex is the name of the game and the spirits are determined to win.


She’s getting moist for you.

He’d never heard voices before. Never on the job or in his daily life. But he couldn’t deny the coincidence as the voice echoed in his head registered on the EMF.

Her body aches to be touched by you, to be pleased by you.

“Little do you know, buddy. She hasn’t wanted me in a good long time.”

“Here you go. There’s a baseline temp of 20 degrees Celsius in the other room. It didn’t change as I was walking through the hall.”

Startled by her appearance, James cleared his throat and held up the EMF. “Got another spike. So far, the kitchen and two bedrooms are registering activity. Let’s check the third bedroom.”

She longs to feel you in her hands, to know as you grow to harden you grow because of her.

He left the room, feeling a tightness in his groin, something he hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Temp in here is the same as the other room,” Gina announced as she entered the third bedroom.

"I’m not as hot in here as I was in the other room though. Maybe we should test the temp in the first room.”

“There’s a spike in this room as well. But you’re right, we should check the temperature in the first bedroom. Leading the way, he entered the first bedroom and the heat seared into him.

“Major spike in temperature here. We have a hot spot.”

She wasn't kidding. He was feeling it right to his toes. “See anything now on the camera?”

“Hang on. Here, take this.”

He took the Thermometer and as their hands touched her felt the heat engorge him.


He took the thermometer form her, taking a deep breath. “What?”

“Did you just…feel something?”

“Like what?” Like he didn’t know.

Her body craves you, need you to fill her. She wants you on top, pressing yourself to her, separating her as you thrust inside.

“I don’t know. Like…a warm…sexual desire?”

So it wasn't just him. “I did. Interesting.”

“Was anything like this mentioned in the file?”

“The couple said they felt things in the bedroom, weird things, scary things but nothing too specific.” He hadn’t really urged them to explain what they meant. Which wasn't like him and only added credence to his thoughts of something being wrong with him. He just didn’t care like he once did.

“And you didn’t ask?”

“No, I didn’t ask.” His remark was short and filled with a great deal of attitude. “What do you pick up on the camera?”


“What do you mean, nothing?” Scooping the camera out of her hand, he held it up and scanned the room.

“Just what I said, nothing, but feel free to see that for yourself.”

He was, and it pissed him off. “We’ve got a tricky one.”

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