Lila's Vow is Released Today!!

Hi, Friends,
I am pleased to announce the release of my third Civil War romance, Lila's Vow. This is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Jenny's Passion (formerly "My Enemy, My Love").
It tells the story of lovers Jack and Lila. Here is a little excerpt:
All it took was the mere mention of prison and he was back in Andersonville slowly starving and burning with fever.
Turning away from Lila again, he began removing his clothes. The room was suffocating!
First the necktie and jacket came off. Lila hadn’t answered his question.
Instead he saw her busily removing the foodstuffs from the bed and stacking them on the small table. Her skirts made gentle swishing noises as she worked.
She didn’t look at him. He plopped on the bed and pulled off the expensive riding boots and his socks. The vest and shirt were next. As he pulled the shirt up over his head, he heard a small feminine noise. Curious, he yanked the garment all the way off. Lila was staring at him now. She didn’t speak. Her brown eyes were wide and glistening with tears.
“Please, please don’t cry again, Lila. I cannot bear it right now.”
Elbows on his thighs, he dropped his face into his hands. Fragile. He was as fragile as a pane of glass that could shatter any moment. It was not right for a man to feel this way. A man should always be in control and strong. What could he do? Lila had been seen with another man all over Richmond. Their time together had been so short and he was not ready to give her up. For a year he had thought of nothing but getting back to her, but he had never once considered that she might have found solace in another man’s arms. The ache went deep into his heart and he almost cried aloud at the pain of it.
Soft hands were pulling at his. He allowed her to pull them down. Opening his eyes, he was face to face with his wife. She was on her knees in front of him, her face pale and strained.
“Jack, I can explain it all. It was nothing.”
“Nothing? How can you say that? The hotel manager said you were seen with this man, Mr. Kane, and you were his sister. Sister! My God, Lila! Was that supposed to make it easier for you to be with him?”
She shook her head.
I hope you enjoyed this little excerpt. You can purchase the exciting book at:
Links to buy Lila’s Vow by Diane Wylie

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