It's All in the Jeans - excerpt

Libby led Logan through the front door and into the small kitchen without words, intensely aware that his eyes were on her. For the second time that morning she noticed he was too damn sexy. Several times while they’d been climbing down the tree she’d been conscious of her bottom against his fly, and something else, his erection. The fact that he was aroused had held her captivated and fueled her own desire. The fact that she turned him on fed her wounded ego.

Her gaze moved around the small kitchen. Where was her grandmother? She expected to see her waiting for them there with her first aid kit in hand, but the kitchen was empty. “Gram! We’re in the kitchen,” she called out, hoping her tone conveyed her wishes that she hurry up. Logan’s larger than life presence filled the small area, making Libby nervous.
“The first aid kit’s under the sink!” her grandmother hollered back. “Start without me, I’m temporarily tied up!”

Tied up? Libby frowned but faced Logan anyway. “Take your shirt off, soldier,” she ordered and turned to the door beneath the sink. She couldn’t believe she had Adonis right there in her kitchen, and that he would soon be bare-chested. “I’ll have you fixed up in no time.”

With the kit in her hand, Libby turned back to face him She was forced to take a step back, not realizing he’d moved closer to her. Her gaze fell in the vicinity of his impressive chest, unwillingly recalling what it felt like having her breasts crushed against him. She knew firsthand that Logan’s muscles were every bit as rock-hard and unbending as the old oak tree outside her grandmother’s door.

A pleasant tingle raced through her body, zeroing right in on her puckering nipples. His nipples were taut, too. Libby wandered what he’d do if she were to put her mouth on one and roll it around on her tongue. Lord─where had that thought come from?

Her gaze wandered lazily up the thick muscles in his neck to the firm set of his jaw and tightly pressed lips. The tension on his face and the stony silence in his winter frost eyes showed his anger, but over what? That he was forced to be in her company again?

“You’re not scared, are you Logan?” she teased, placing the kit on the counter next to him and opening it. Libby glanced his way, taking in his arched brow.

“Why would I be afraid of you?” Logan demanded, tugging his sleeveless t-shirt over his head and ruffling his hair in the process. “Unless you’re going to sharpen your nails on me like that damn cat of yours. A few more scars aren’t going to make any difference now.”

“Rufus isn’t my cat,” Libby corrected, pulling a cloth and some antiseptic from the kit before facing him again. Oh my! She paused from what she was doing, momentarily mesmerized by Logan’s naked chest. Adonis had a few puckered scars but it didn’t disguise the definition of muscles that even now were tightening beneath her curious gaze. She gulped, her heart skipping a beat.

“Not a very pretty sight,” he said at her hesitation. “There’s more.”

Libby’s gaze slowly moved up his chest, detecting the anger in his clipped words. A muscle twitched in his lean jaw and then her eyes met his. What she saw there caused her breath to lock in her throat. Libby knew when a man lusted after her and it wasn’t always evident in outward signs. Logan’s fierce expression revealed his hunger.

“I wasn’t staring at your scars.” It was the truth. Libby had been enthralled with the powerful shape of his male form. How the width of his broad shoulders tapered to a lean waist and hips. His jeans didn’t disguise the thickness of his solid thighs nor the fullness behind his zipper.
Lord, he must be huge! Her body responded to the thought of what it would feel like being filled by such an impressive…then right in front of her eyes the object of her interest jumped. She raised her eyes to find Logan watching her like a predator waiting for the right time to swoop.
“Gram!” she called out nervously.

“What are you afraid of?” Logan asked in a low tone, repeating her earlier challenge.

Libby squared her shoulders. “Nothing. Turn around so I can douse those scratches with antiseptic.”
He complied, presenting his back, and Libby caught her breath on seeing the damage done by Rufus’s sharp claws. Despite the scratches marring his flesh, Logan’s shoulders and back were smooth, evenly tanned and beautifully sculptured. She found that her hand was shaking when she raised it to clean the pencil-thin lines beaded with blood.

Logan’s muscles tensed the second Libby touched the soaked cloth to his skin. “I’m sorry if I’m hurting you,” she said softly, gently dabbing the wounds. He only responded with a heavy sigh. “If it’s any consolation you don’t have to worry; Rufus has had all his shots.”

“I wasn’t worried about it.” His tone was short and abrupt, ending the conversation before it had really started.

When all the blood was cleaned off, Libby reached for the tube of antibiotic cream and carefully spread some across each scratch. Beginning at his shoulders, she worked her way downward to the hollow in his back where it disappeared into his jeans. As her fingers smoothed the ointment into a scratch above his belt, Libby couldn’t help but admire his tight buns so enticingly displayed in well-worn jeans. She released a sigh that revealed more than it should have.

Without warning Logan spun around and he was suddenly facing her at only a breath’s distance. The kitchen was closing in on them. She would have taken a step back if it hadn’t been for the magnetic pull of gunmetal eyes.

She found her wrist seized. “That’s enough,” Logan said, his chest heaving with each breath, his expression sharp and hungry. He slowly pulled her closer.

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