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From authors Jude Mason and Jamie Hill, and publisher Total E-Bound, the first book in the Kindred Spirits Series: Ethan's Choice.

When two insanely hot guys encounter a few distressed spirits in the beautiful Whiskers' Seaside Inn, love becomes entangled with a mystery that must be solved.

Whiskers' Seaside Inn doesn't sound like the most exotic location for a weekend getaway, but it's certainly intriguing. Ethan Roberts is smitten the moment he sees the weathered clapboard inn, and even more so when he meets the establishment's hunky handyman.

Cade Wyatt seems like a good man to have around. He's muscular, handsome and very protective of the inn and its occupants. He falls into lust, and then bed, with Ethan.

The inn has two paying guests, but Ethan discovers there's another cast of characters who come and go.

Cade might be nonchalant about the ghosts, but Ethan's not sure he feels the same. He wants Cade more than anything, but Cade won't leave the inn. Somehow, Ethan must find a way to live with the spirits as well as the man he's come to love.

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"I was wondering if you knew where I might find Cade."

Stan simply stared.

"Your, uh, hired man?" Ethan said stupidly. The fellow knew who Cade was. He just wasn't being very forthcoming that morning. "I broke the lock on my suitcase and thought he might have the right tool I could use..." He's got a tool I want to use, all right. Ethan smiled hopefully.

Stan nodded towards the beach side of the property. "He has one more hedge to trim. I think he said he'd finish it today. Should be out there."

"Thanks." Ethan refilled his paper cup and snapped the lid into place. He strolled through the dining room then wandered outside to the backyard.

Cade was exactly where Stan had suggested and looked as sexy as he had the day before. He reached over his head, using both hands to work the manual clippers and trim the tall hedge. The muscles in his back rippled with each snip, giving Ethan a fine view of the man who seemed to like wearing only cut-off jeans.

Ethan watched for a moment, hating to interrupt but afraid his erection would become noticeable if he ogled the stud for much longer. "Good morning," he managed, stepping around a concrete bench to get closer. At that moment, he wished he truly did have a broken suitcase lock.

Cade stopped trimming and turned towards him. His face showed a flicker of interest before he smiled pleasantly. "Morning."

"Another gorgeous day." Ethan looked around. "You do a wonderful job around here. Everything looks to be in top shape."

Using his forearm to wipe a trickle of sweat from his brow, Cade shrugged. "It's not hard. This is a fantastic place."

"It's got a quirky name, but the inn seems great."

Cade's smile broke into a full-fledged grin. "You think our seal pup is quirky? I'm rather fond of the little guy. He garners lots of attention. A real conversation starter with the guests, too." He sighed. "I really like it here. I'd hate to think about moving on if the inn gets a new owner."

"I'd hate that, too," Ethan mumbled, then realised he'd spoken out loud. "I mean, you just seem to know the grounds so well. I'm sure the new owner would value an employee like you." I sure as hell would. I'd value bending you over that bench behind me and fucking you senseless.

Cade shrugged again. "I guess time will tell. So, did you sleep all right?"

"I did. Had a little run-in with another guest around midnight. Little girl and her music box. I told myself I was lucky she wasn't into rap music."

"Another guest?" Cade's eyebrows rose.

"Yeah. I'd thought the only other person here was an older woman, but I saw her daughter last night. Or maybe it was her granddaughter."

Cade smiled. "Mrs. Nelson lives by herself. No grandkids."

Ethan was confused. "But the child-"

"I guess you met Laura. Didn't take her long to make herself known. She must like you."

"Laura?" Ethan blinked.

A big grin spread over Cade's handsome face. "She's one of our spirits."

Copyright (C) 2009 Jamie Hill and Jude Mason

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