Edge of Sanity, new ebook release!

Freya's Bower has taken the chapter book Edge of Sanity and put it all together into one ebook, for one low price!

Detective Jake Gilford is skeptical when he hears Joss Wheeler say she believes her newly inherited house is haunted. He's a man of facts and hard evidence, and ghosts aren't on his radar screen. He's also a man, and Joss is a beautiful, if somewhat nutty, woman. Won over by her charms, he promises to stay and help her unravel the mystery of the house--or whatever else she has that might need unraveling...

Rating: Tangy
Book Length: Category Novel
Genre: Paranormal/Contemporary/Interracial
Price: $4.99


He pressed his mouth against hers. "I want to make love with you," he murmured, their lips touching.

She wrapped one leg around his butt, pulling his denim-covered erection closer to her core. "I want that, too. More than anything."

He lifted her from the floor, and carried her to his room. At the edge of his bed, he set her down. "Here we are." He deftly unbuttoned her blouse, and his mouth followed the trail his fingers left. He had no trouble freeing her breasts from the white bra this time. As soon as they bobbed loose, he sucked a puckering, air-chilled nipple into his mouth. "Mmm," he moaned softly. "Ever since that first taste of you, I've been dying for another."

She chuckled deep in her throat. "Still sticking with the story that crab and beer are your favorites?"

Jake laved his tongue over her nipple and watched it peak. "Oh, no. Not a chance. I have a new favorite flavor, right here."

She arched her back, sighed as he moved to her other breast. "That feels fantastic."

"Yes it does," he teased. Both nipples were now taut nubs. He rolled the first between his thumb and forefinger, nibbling the second until she squirmed.

"You don't know what you're doing to me!"

Jake smirked. "Oh, I think I do. I've only just begun. I intend to drive you absolutely crazy." Before the words were out, he regretted them. If he could have retracted them he would have, but it was too late. They hung in the air, and he exchanged glances with Joss. "I'm sorry—"

"Don't worry about it. I don't feel so crazy anymore. You've helped me get over that. Shall we see what else you can help me with?"

Relieved, he grinned wickedly. "Oh yeah. I have a few ideas."

Copyright (C) 2009 Jamie Hill


"a wonderful story that sucks you in from the very first page...I can hardly wait to read book 2..."

4 Lips from Alisha
Reviewer for Two Lips Reviews

"This first installment is a treasure... From the first page to the last, Edge of Sanity, Book 1 had me glued to the pages..."

Reviewer for Romance At Heart

"With Jake and Jocelyn's relationship just beginning, I'm eager to find out just who or what is making those ghastly noises, and if their relationship lasts the distance."

4 Champagne Flutes from Sangria
Reviewer for Cocktail Reviews

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