Amy continued the massage on his torso and he was acutely aware of every deep stroke. A harmony existed between the slow pulsing of the blood in his veins and the easy quiet sound of her breathing.
Tension drained from his pores replaced with a sense of belonging that was strong and complete. Two people, their auras mingling together as one. Amy was healing him with her touch. She moved back to the great muscles that bunched in his shoulders, kneading gently and working at the knots of tension. A little at a time she worked down his back to the waistband of his shorts slipping her fingers beneath the band, she felt him stiffen and she stopped.

“Am I hurting you, or something?” Her honeyed tone drifted into his ear and, hell of angels, it sure was the ‘something’. Of that, he was sure. His senses told him she was subtly bating him and it felt like the heady sweetness of seduction.
“Where’d you learn to manipulate your fingers like that,” he said, and wasn’t surprised at the huskiness creeping into his voice.
“Just sort of comes natural,” she purred in that same smoky voice and he couldn't help but feel the pulse of desire as it began its slow definitive throb generating heat in his loins. The quickening change taking place was marking out the reason for the ‘something’. God in His heaven…how he ached to have her fingers grip his heating arousal but this was hardly the place or the time.
“That should be enough,” he grunted, trying to sound calm.

On a long sensuous breath…slip into the intoxication of

Dangerous Desire
Big story at a little price.

Available at http://www.champagnebooks.com/

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