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Welcome to Friday! It's been a long week, and I'm so glad the weekend is finally here. TG for Labor Day...we get a nice long weekend before some of us head back to school. Yep, that dreaded word,

In honor of Labor Day, I'm sharing an excerpt from my latest romance release, Cosmic Hearts. Enjoy.

Book Blurb:

In order to save his planet’s people, Chance must gain the help of Vestalumbria’s princess. He proposes an offer she can’t refuse—a chance to unite with a king. But refuse she does. Valeen wants to help Chance, but she has her own problems—she must find out the truth—why males are forbidden on her planet.

As Valeen learns the secrets hidden from her by her dictator of a mother, she has to rely on the handsome king to aid her, especially when she’s abducted by planetary pirates. Her heart begins falling for handsome king, but she’s not sure their people can live together in harmony.

Can the two of them co-exist and unite their Cosmic Hearts?


“Our planet is going to explode.” Chance tried to keep the panic from his tone, but failed. He stood and began pacing as the news sank into his brain.

In all the text-volumes he’d read, he’d never heard of anything like this happening. But he wasn’t much into astronomy. Planets died and beings had to evacuate to others, but he had never heard of galaxies colliding. Save Our Planetary Systems’ sole purpose was to help those who had to move from an unsafe planet. He would have to make an appointment with their council immediately.

“Our planet has a few solar-years, Sire, but we should begin our planning now. We should have realized this when Planet Shipten’s moon appeared in our orbit.”

“Explain to me again what the frogs have to do with this, Patricia.” Chance’s insides felt as though they’d dropped out of him. The news was more ominous than he could have ever imagined.

“Amphibians breathe through their skin and are affected by drastic changes in the atmosphere. I’m guessing, by now many of our beings are beginning to have breathing problems as well. I should contact the Department of Restorative Services.”

“The DRS is going to panic the people. We cannot contact them yet. Will the inhabitants die?”

“We don’t know that for certain, my king, but the frogs are dead, which means the atmosphere is greatly affected.” The general looked to Patricia.

She closed the immense packet of data and looked from the general to Chance.

“They’re not in danger of dying imminently, but they’ll worsen as time progresses. When the atmosphere becomes so thin that it’s difficult to breathe, most will take to the underground, but then the collision will destroy the entire planet. If our inhabitants survive the thinning atmosphere, they’ll surely die from the impact of other planets.”

“We should find another planet to occupy as soon as possible. Moving our people will take months, if not longer. I will begin handling the details of our evacuation.”

“Very well, General. I will contact SOPS and begin looking for another planet. Keep me informed of this situation,” Chance said.

The scientist and the general left his office, and Chance immediately pressed his communicator; he needed to contact Save Our Planetary Systems and beg for their aid. The only problem was Kion wasn’t part of its interplanetary league.

After an unsuccessful conversation with SOPS, he disconnected his communicator and stood by the viewer of his office. He looked out at the mountains that surrounded his home, at the lush, beautiful, doomed planet of Kion. He had to save all its inhabitants before the destruction began.

Only one planet was close enough to consider evacuating to: Vestalumbria. There was only one problem with that—it was a planet ruled by females, and they never allowed males to enter their orbit. From what he knew about the planet, the queen wasn’t influenced by outsiders, but she had a daughter who was. From the universe’s tabloids he’d learned about Princess Valeen and had found out a little of her personality.

He would have his agents investigate the planet, and then he’d make the daughter an offer she couldn’t refuse.


Cosmic Hearts is now available at Aspen Mountain Press & Fictionwise. Note: book contains graphic love scenes and is rated sensual.

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Have a great weekend, and be romantic!

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