Hot never felt so good!

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “I thought I was alone!” Logan could make out the slightest movement of her arms as she fought to keep her head above water. “You could have warned me you were here,” she accused spiritedly.

“And miss the show?”

There was a brief pause. “I hope I didn’t disappoint you,” she said with mild sarcasm.

“There’s nothing indecent about the naked body,” he defended himself, wading slowly closer. It was as though he was being guided by his rock hard shaft as it strained toward the source of its hunger. “Are you ashamed of it?”

“No, I’m just not in the habit of parading around naked in front of strangers I haven’t slept with...yet.”

Her words inflamed Logan, which he was sure were her intentions. His breath turned heavy. “Strangers? We’re hardly that, or have you forgotten I’ve already held you in my arms?”

“Don’t remind me,” Libby said. “If you were any kind of gentleman you’d leave.”

“What makes you think I’m a gentleman?”

“You’re a fireman,” she reminded him curtly. “Surely firemen have honorable scruples.”

“I’m a man first,” Logan corrected softly, making certain Libby understood that. “Would it make you feel any better if I removed my trunks?” he joked.

Libby let out an unladylike snort that quickly turned into a husky laugh. Logan had the feeling she didn’t like the little sound of betrayal and ducked beneath the surface to cover it up. He laughed, but didn’t follow her. She couldn’t go far, and a hunch told him she wasn’t about to give him the satisfaction of viewing her shapely form again. The light of the moon was enough to reveal that Libby had swum back to the deep end. She reached for something near the diving board, reminding Logan she’d dropped her swimsuit there.

There was a trace of laughter in his tone when he realized what Libby was doing. “Need any help?”

“No!” She turned around as though to make sure he hadn’t moved from the middle of the pool. “Just stay where you are!” She quickly turned back toward the deck.

That was all it took for Logan to do the exact opposite. He didn’t like being told what to do, especially by some smart mouth troublesome female who was snapping at him as though he was a five-year-old in trouble for stealing a cookie. Her tone reminded him too much of what it had been like growing up with five older sisters who never wanted him around. He didn’t think twice about kicking off the bottom of the pool and swimming in her direction, surfacing right behind her.

A grin spread across Logan’s face as he watched Libby struggle to slip into her bikini bottoms with one hand while the other gripped the edge of the deck to keep afloat. He waited until she reached for her top and then let her know he was there. “I told you I’d help you.”

“Oh!” Libby shrieked, and spun around. The bikini top slipped from her fingers and Logan watched it float away on the surface of the water.

The situation wasn’t so amusing anymore when he raised his eyes to realize the light of the moon was resting squarely on Libby’s breasts. The crystal clear water did nothing to shield how perfect they were, or the fact that there was enough flesh to fill his hands, and then some.

And he’d thought her skinny?

In spite of the cool water Logan felt his blood pressure reach the boiling point, his heart rate skyrocket. He was about to explode and for a crazy moment he was tempted to reach out and touch Libby. His balls tightened beneath his penis, demanding release of the lust bubbling there. A wise man would turn and swim away from her before he did something stupid. He’d made bigger mistakes but right now he felt like this was the granddaddy of them all. It wouldn’t take much to make him lose control.

Damn…he wanted to lose control!

“Why don’t you just kiss me and get it over with?”

She sounded angry but Logan quickly picked up on the huskiness of her tone. He arched a brow. “What makes you think I want to kiss you?” he countered arrogantly, grinning in spite of himself. Kissing her wouldn’t do much to eliminate the lust fire in his blood.

Contradicting what his body wanted, Logan retrieved Libby’s bathing suit top where it came to rest at the side of the pool. He held the tiny scrap out to her and she snatched if from his fingers with a grudging thank you. Instead of putting it on she held it against her breasts.

“How long are you going to be here visiting your grandmother?” he suddenly demanded. Maybe he could disappear for a few days. He had a friend in Ft. Lauderdale who’d been bugging him to visit.

“I, ah, on and off the whole summer,” Libby replied with clear reluctance.

Logan watched her carefully, interested in her slight hesitation and wondering at the reason behind it. His curiosity peaked when she refused to look him in the eye. Then her words registered and he frowned. Great, they were going to be running into each other on a fairly regular basis.

“Do you mind pretending you’re a gentleman long enough to turn around and give me a moment of privacy?” Libby questioned in a voice dripping with feigned sweetness.


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