The Cutler Brothers Series - Ebook and Print!

The Cutler Brothers Series

Contemporary Spanking Romance

Three Hot Novels in One Ebook and Print Volume!

Book One – Cade
The beautiful, but irritating Riley Barnett has been a thorn in the side of the U.S. Marshals Service ever since she entered the Witness Protection Program. And now that she once again believes her identity has been compromised, new U.S. Marshal Cade Cutler is the one sent to placate her. When it turns out that she’s right this time, Riley has to depend on Cade to protect her, even if that means putting up with his spankings every time she refuses to follow his silly rules!

Book Two – Madoc
After attending his brother’s wedding, U.S. Marshal Madoc Cutler knows one thing for sure – there is absolutely no way he would ever fall for a woman as quickly as his brother did. But he can certainly appreciate an attractive woman, and when he comes across a beautiful waitress at a small-town diner, he can’t help but notice her. However, things become complicated when he recognizes her as the runaway fugitive, Shayna Matthews. His plan to quickly transport her back to Denver to stand trial goes awry when a snowstorm forces them to take shelter in tiny, secluded cabin in the woods. Could he possibly have been wrong about not falling for a woman as quickly as his brother did?

Book Three - The Cutler Brides
In the third book of the series, both Cade and Madoc are back, as well as their naughty brides, Riley and Shayna. While down in Texas for a family get-together, the two girls decide to go searching for a buried treasure described in local folklore. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of luck finding the treasure, but they do find a mystery that needs solving. They begin poking around a suspicious mining company. Even though this gets Riley and Shayna repeated spankings from their husbands, the girls refuse to give up. They’re going to find out what’s going on, no matter what!


Book One - Cade
Cade closed his notebook and slipped it into the inside pocket of his suit jacket. “We’ll look into it, Ms. Barnett, and get back to you,” he said, getting to his feet.

Riley did the same, her frown deepening. “How are you going to look into it? Will you be posting Marshals outside my apartment building then?” She really hoped so; she hadn’t slept well the past couple of nights.

He inclined his head. “If we determine that you’re in danger, then you’ll be given protection,” he told her. “But I don’t think you have anything to be concerned about. As I said, a lot of people own black SUV’s.”

Riley stared at him in disbelief. Did she have to end up at the bottom of some river somewhere before they believed her? She opened her mouth to argue, but Cade Cutler was already walking toward the door.

Annoyed, she followed after him. “How will you know if there really is a threat from the SUV if there’s no one here to see it?” she persisted.

In the small entryway, he turned to give her a placating smile. “Like I said, we’ll look into it.”

She folded her arms to glare at him. “You’re not going to do a damn thing, are you?” she said sharply. “Now that you people have already gotten my testimony, you couldn’t care less about what happens to me.”

His jaw tightened. “I’ll be in touch,” he said, ignoring what she’d just said as he turned to leave. He was just reaching for the doorknob when the greeting cards on the table along the wall caught his eye.

Riley watched in confusion as he picked one up and read it, and then did the same to another and another. But before she could ask what he was doing, he turned to fix her with a hard look.

“What the hell are these?” he demanded, holding up the cards.

Her brow furrowed. “Birthday cards,” she said, her tone implying that it should have been obvious to him.

“I can see that!” he growled. “But this one’s from your mother! And these,” he added, gesturing with the others, “are from the rest of your family!"

She shrugged. “Duh! Who do you think sends birthday cards?”

His eyes narrowing, Cade tossed the stack of birthday cards back onto the table and strode toward her. “How about, duh, you’re in the Witness Protection Program! Which means that you’re not supposed to tell anyone where you are. That includes your family! You’re so worried about your identity being compromised, and here you are broadcasting it to the world!”

Ignoring the implied insult, Riley lifted her chin to glare up at him. “My mother would never tell anyone where I am,” she told him coldly. “And neither would any of my sisters.”

His brows drew together. “Really? How reassuring,” he scoffed. “What about the people that might be snooping through your family’s mail to find out where you are? Have you thought about that?”

She frowned at the words, wondering if that could be true, but then told herself it was ridiculous. Nobody, not even Albert Donatti, the main mobster she had testified against, would bother with digging through the mail just to find her. Besides, even if he had, her family had addressed the envelopes to her new name.Riley gave Cade another shrug. “That would be impossible because my mom and my sisters didn’t put my real name on the envelope,” she said. “I’m not stupid, you know!”

“That’s debatable,” he retorted. “So, how many relatives does your family have that live across the country?”

She gave him a confused look. “What are you talking about?”

He held up the card from her mother. “It doesn’t matter what the name on the envelope says,” he told her. “The card says Happy Birthday to My Daughter on the front. I think people will figure out that it’s you.”

Before she could say anything, he added, “I’m going to have to call my boss and let him know about this.”

“Good,” she muttered. “Because I want to talk to him, too. That way I can tell him that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing, and that he needs to send someone out here who does!”

At her words, Cade paused in the act of reaching into his pocket for his cell phone, his eyes narrowing. “Okay, that does it!” he growled.

Riley braced herself for another one of his snide comments, and was totally surprised when Cade grabbed her by the arm and marched her over to the couch instead.“What are you...?” she began as he sat down, but the rest of what she’d been going to say came out in a rush of air as he gave her arm a quick tug that sent her tumbling headlong over his knee.

Riley was so stunned that she simply lay there draped over his lap as she tried to catch her breath. When she finally came to her senses a moment later, it was to push herself upright, but a strong hand on her back held her down. What the hell was he doing?

Outraged, she turned to glare over her shoulder at him, only to let out a startled gasp when she felt his hand come down hard on her jean-clad bottom. Oh my God, the brute was spanking her!

Book Two - Madoc

Shayna’s hands trembled as she hurriedly shoved what little clothing she had into the small overnight bag she’d brought with her when she’d left Denver. Of all the men in the diner she could have flirted with, she had to pick a U.S. Marshal!

Tall and broad-shouldered, not to mention ruggedly handsome, she had noticed the Marshal the moment he’d walked into the diner, and had been disappointed when he had chosen a booth instead of taking a seat at the counter. So when Madge, the other waitress she worked with, had suggested she serve lunch to him, she had not only jumped at the chance, but had openly flirted with him. She’d figured that he was probably only passing through town, but had toyed with the idea of trying to convince him to hang around for awhile. Little did she know that he was there to arrest her, she thought bitterly. And if Madge hadn’t learned that he was a U.S. Marshal from her conversation with him earlier, then Shayna would still be at the diner obliviously going on about her business.

God, she had been so stupid! Stupid to stay in Flint Rock for so long instead of going to Canada like she had planned. Stupid to think that a pair of ugly, non-prescription, black-framed glasses would be enough of a disguise to alter her appearance. Stupid not to dye her hair like her sister had suggested. Still silently berating herself for her stupidity, Shayna grabbed her coat from the bed and put it on. If she hurried, maybe she could catch one of the truckers down at the gas station near the freeway and bum a ride with him. Anyone heading north would be fine with her.

She picked up her suitcase from the bed, and was just about to cross the small room she rented at the boarding house when there came a loud banging on the door.

“Federal Marshal!” a man’s voice called. “Open up!”

Shayna froze, her hand tightening reflexively on the handle of her overnight bag as she stared at the door. Oh God, he’d found her, she thought. She couldn’t go back to jail! She had to get out of there!

The Marshal banged on the door, louder this time. Heart pounding, Shayna looked around wildly for some other escape route. Her gaze immediately locked on the window on the other side of the small room. Not having to think twice, she dashed over to it. Instead of opening easily like it should have, however, the window didn’t budge. Dammit, the darn thing was stuck!

Tears of frustration welling in her eyes, Shayna dropped her bag on the floor and tried to force the window open, but it did no good. The stupid thing probably hadn’t been opened in ten years! Spotting a heavy bookend sitting on the low shelf beside the window, she grabbed it and was just about to use it to break the glass when the door burst open.

Still holding onto the bookend, Shayna whirled around with a startled gasp to see the handsome Marshal from the diner standing in the doorway, his weapon drawn and pointed at her.

“Shayna Matthews, you’re under arrest,” he told her. “Drop that and put your hands up.”

Shayna knew she should obey, especially since the Marshal had a gun pointed at her, but she couldn’t make herself do it. “You’ve got the wrong person. My name is Jane,” she said, her voice trembling. “Jane Cooper.”

His golden-brown eyes went to the bag sitting on the floor beside her. “Nice try,” he said sarcastically. “Now, drop what you’re holding and put your hands up.”

She swallowed hard, but still didn’t do as he told her. “You’ve got the wrong person,” she insisted.

The Marshal clenched his jaw. “I’m not going to tell you again,” he warned her. “Drop what you’re holding and get your hands in the air.”

Shayna didn’t move. She couldn’t let him arrest her. Running had only made her look more guilty, and if she went back to jail, they weren’t likely to let her out on bail this time. The thought alone was enough to make her stomach churn.

Her gaze darted to the door and she wondered if she could somehow get past the Marshal. Apparently, he must have read her mind because he started toward her even as she tensed to make a run for it. Shayna’s hand tightened on the bookend and before she even realized what she was doing, she drew back her arm and threw it at him.

Shayna just had enough time to see the Marshal’s eyes go wide before he ducked. Knowing she would only get one chance at escape, she immediately ran for the door. But she didn’t get more than a few feet before a strong hand closed over her arm and spun her around. With a cry that was half frustration, half rage, Shayna balled her hand into a fist and took a swing at the Marshal.

“What the...?!” he began, catching her arm before her fist could connect. “Dammit, take it easy!”

But Shayna wasn’t about to take it easy. If she didn’t get away from him, she was going to be spending a very long time in prison, maybe even the rest of her life. With that horrific thought motivating her, Shayna savagely tried to jerk free of the Marshal’s hold.

“Stop it!” he ordered her, his grip tightening on her arms. “Dammit, I don’t want to hurt you!”

“Then let me go!” she shot back, still struggling against him.But it was obvious that the Marshal wasn’t going to let her go, and Shayna fought him wildly. Once she even managed to get her arm free long enough to try to scratch his face, but he quickly captured her wrist in his hand again.

Frustrated, Shayna tried to shove him away from her. To her surprise, she actually managed to catch the Marshal off balance long enough to knock him back onto the bed. She didn’t catch him that unaware, however, because instead of releasing her like she hoped he would do, he tightened his grip on her wrists and pulled her down with him.

Ending up sprawled across his lap, Shayna was so stunned for a moment that she didn’t even realize the Marshal had let go of her arms sometime during their fall onto the bed. As soon as she did, though, she immediately tried to push herself upright, but a strong hand on her back pushed her down again. She started struggling as hard as she could, anything to keep him from grabbing her arms again. She knew the moment he did, she would end up in handcuffs.

But Shayna was surprised when the Marshal didn’t even try to jerk her arms behind her back so that he could handcuff her. She thought for a moment that she might actually have a chance to get away, only to gasp in surprise when she felt his free hand come down hard on her jean-clad bottom. She stilled, her eyes going wide. Had he actually just spanked her? What the hell did he think he was doing?

Before she could say anything though, he brought his hand down again on her other cheek, harder this time, and she yelped.Her face flaming from embarrassment and anger, Shayna tried to push herself off his lap again, to no avail. “Let me up, you jerk!” she demanded.

The Marshal gave her ass another hard smack. “Not until you agree to behave yourself,” he growled.

Shayna cried out as his hand connected with her bottom yet again. “Owwwww! You have no right to spank me!” she told him.

“If you had just come quietly like I told you to, then I wouldn’t be forced to do this,” he retorted, punctuating each word with a sharp slap to her derriere. “But you leave me no choice. Trust me; spanking you into submission is a lot better than the alternative.”

Shayna didn’t know what the alternative might be, but she had certainly never been spanked in her life, and she couldn’t believe how much it stung! But every time his hand came down on her ass, it felt like her cheeks were going to catch on fire.

“Now, if I let you up, are you going to behave yourself?” he asked, pausing momentarily.

Shayna gritted her teeth. Damn the man! “Yes!” she hissed. “Just let me up already!”

Taking Shayna’s arm, he set her back on her feet. Though she really wanted to slap his handsome face, she settled for rubbing her sore bottom instead, only to stop when she realized that the Marshal was reaching for his handcuffs.

Book Three - The Cutler Brides

Flipping through the fashion magazine she’d brought with her, Riley stopped when she came to an advertisement for a pair of sexy, high-heeled sandals. “Aren’t these cute?” she said, holding the magazine at an angle so that Cade could see, too. “Wouldn’t they look great on me?”

Her husband looked up from his outdoor magazine to glance at hers. Upon seeing the shoes however, he lifted a brow. “I’m sure they would, but I don’t think you need any more shoes, do you, honey?”

Riley looked up at him from beneath lowered lashes. Though even she had to admit she had more pairs than the average woman, shoes were definitely her weakness and she couldn’t resist buying the newest style in footwear when it came out. “Well, actually, I do,” she said. “It completely slipped my mind until now, but we were in such a rush to leave that I think I forgot to pack the shoes I was going to wear to your parents’ anniversary party.”

Cade gave her a dubious look. “Did you really forget or did you deliberately decide not bring them just so you could buy new ones?”

A blush crept into her cheeks. She had made a conscious decision not to pack them, of course, but only because they really didn’t go with her dress. “Of course I forgot!”

Riley tried to sound as truthful as she could, but Cade saw right through her lie. She used to be a really good liar back when she was in the Witness Protection Program, but for some reason, she couldn’t ever seem to lie convincingly to her husband.

“That’s what I thought.” Cade let out a loud, dramatic sigh. “Well, you know what this means, don’t you?”

“What?” she asked innocently.His mouth quirked. “It means you’ll be going over my knee for a good, sound spanking when we get to the ranch, sweetheart.”

Her pulse still skipped a beat at hearing her husband say the words. It was amazing how much her attitude toward spanking had changed over the past year, she thought. When Cade had put her over his knee to give her a spanking that first time at her apartment, she had put up a terrible fuss, kicking and squealing for all she was worth. Actually, she had made a fuss the first half dozen times he had spanked her. After they’d gotten engaged, however, something had happened to change all that and she’d started looking forward to getting spanked. But knowing she could never come right out and tell her fiancé that, she’d started to do little things to get him to spank her. Perceptive as he was, Cade had quickly figured it out. So now whenever she wanted a spanking, all she had to do was just act a little naughty. Almost anything would do, like buying yet another pair of shoes. It wasn’t that Cade really cared whether she bought a new pair; it was just simply a signal to him that she wanted to get spanked.

“Don’t you think your parents might notice if you dragged me off to the bedroom the minute we got to their ranch?” she pointed out.

Cade frowned slightly as he considered that. “You’re probably right,” he agreed after a moment. “I guess I’d better spank you now then.”

She gasped. “Now? Are you crazy? On the plane?”

But her husband had already taken her hand and was pulling her to her feet.

“Honey...” she began, but the words trailed off as he led her toward the back of the plane.

Since it was an evening flight, the interior of the cabin was dimly lit, something a blushing Riley was grateful for as they made their way to the restroom. She needn’t have worried, though, because none of the other passengers were paying any attention to them.

While Riley couldn’t deny that the thought of her gorgeous, dark-haired husband spanking her thirty-thousand feet in the air was rather thrilling, it also made her a little nervous, and she stopped outside the door to the restroom to voice her concerns to Cade.

“Honey, we can’t,” she protested. “Someone could hear.”

His mouth quirked. “Then we’ll have to make sure we’re quiet.”

As Cade opened the door and urged her inside, Riley could only wonder what had gotten into her husband. He was always up for adventure, especially when it came to sex, but they’d never done anything this daring. Not that she was complaining really. The whole thing was a major turn-on!

The small bathroom seemed even tinier with her tall, broad-shouldered husband in it with her, but Riley found herself forgetting all about her dislike of tight spaces when Cade ordered her to turn around and put her hands on the wall in that soft, sexy voice of his. Eager for her spanking, Riley obediently placed her palms on the wall, bending over just enough to thrust out her bottom.

Instead of placing his hand on her back like he usually did when she was draped over his knee, though, Cade wrapped his arm around her middle. Holding her close against him, he ran his other hand over her short skirt.

“If we were home, I’d give you a warm-up over your skirt,” he said in her ear. “But in the interest of time, I think it’d be best if I just get straight to the main event.”

* * * *

“There’s a rest area coming up. Want to stop and take a break?” Madoc asked.

Shayna pulled herself away from her thoughts to glance at her husband. “Sure.”

After using the facilities, she and Madoc still didn’t feel like getting back in the SUV right away, so they walked up to the small picnic area situated on a grassy hill just behind the main buildings. When they got to the top, Shayna was surprised by how far she could see. Even though the hill wasn’t very high, it still towered above most of the nearby Texas countryside, and the view was beautiful. Slow, rolling hills, covered in waving grass, spread out as far as the eye could see. Here and there, a cow or an oil well dotted the landscape, but mostly it was uninterrupted and pristine. She wished they had thought to grab a bite to eat and bring it up here. It would have been nice to sit and have lunch at one of the small tables while they enjoyed the view.

She turned to give Madoc a smile. He was sitting down on the bench-style seat, his arms lazily outstretched to either side of him on the picnic table. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it, hon?”

His golden brown eyes traveled up and down the length of her body to take in the tank top and shorts she wore, lingering on her bare legs.“Not as beautiful as you,” he said, his mouth curving into a sexy grin.

Shayna felt herself blush at her husband’s compliment. She’d never blushed so much until she’d met Madoc. He just had a way of looking at her that made her think he was always visualizing her completely naked.

Reaching for her hand, he gently pulled her closer until she was standing between his legs. As his arms circled her waist, Shayna automatically looped hers around his neck. With a little laugh, she bent her head to kiss him on the mouth. The kiss wasn’t some quick peck on the lips, but instead, it was slow and passionate, leaving Shayna breathless. When she lifted her head, she couldn’t suppress the sigh of pleasure that escaped her lips.

“Too bad we’re not someplace a little more private,” she said huskily.

Madoc made a show of looking around the deserted rest area before lifting his gaze to hers again. “I don’t know. It seems pretty private to me.”

Her eyes widened. “You can’t be serious?”

“Why not?” He slid his hands up to cup her breasts through the thin tank top.

Shayna caught her breath as she felt her nipples immediately harden in response. It had always been a secret fantasy of hers to make love outdoors, but she didn’t think she could ever be bold enough to act it out. “Madoc...” she began.

But her husband was already unbuttoning her khaki shorts and pushing them down her legs. As he gently ran his hands up her bare legs, Shayna felt the last of her resolve disappear, along with her shyness. Surely, they could have a quickie without getting caught, she told herself.Shayna waited breathlessly for Madoc to take down her panties, but instead he surprised her by taking her hand and guiding her over one of his muscular legs. Though she went willingly, she couldn’t help but give him a confused look over her shoulder.

“I thought we were going to booty,” she said.

The corner of his mouth edged up. “We are,” he said, lightly resting his hand on the curve of her bottom. “But since I don’t know how much spanking we’ll be able to do while were at my parents’ ranch, I thought I’d give you one now to tide you over until we get home.”

Shayna hadn’t thought about that. But she supposed Madoc was right. They wouldn’t have much privacy at the ranch. Which would mean she would have to wait two weeks for another spanking.

She gave her dark-haired husband a naughty smile. “Well, when you put it that way, I definitely think you’re right. I do think you should give me a spanking.”

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