Red by Tracey H. Kitts

The following is an unedited Excerpt from Red, Book one in the Lilith Mercury: Werewolf Hunter Series by Tracey H. Kitts. Available Now From New Concepts Publishing.

Putting down my pin, I looked up at the moon. It was half full, peeking from the clouds like a large silvery eye. I had always heard that “the crazies” come out on a full moon. The truth was, they were always out, some of them were just more dangerous on a full moon.

I walked to the edge of the balcony and nearly fell backward when I looked over the roses. Marco was standing under the balcony, looking up expectantly.

“Little pig, little pig,” he began.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “That won’t get you anywhere. Besides, I waxed my chin.”

He laughed then too and the sound sent shivers up my spine.

“What are you doing here, Marco?”

“I wanted to talk to you.”


“Can’t I come in?” he asked, the deep and sexy rumble of his voice did things to me that I couldn’t describe.

“No, you can’t.”

“Don’t you trust me, Red?” he said, pretending to be offended.

“No, I don’t,” I answered, but I couldn’t stop the smile.

“But you like me.” It wasn’t a question.

“I could have you killed for standing here.”

“But you won’t.”

Marco knew I wouldn’t kill him, not that night, not for just standing there. He stepped back slightly, and I got a better look at one of the sexiest men I’d ever seen. I’ve never seen anyone look so good in a pair of jeans. They weren’t tight, but they fit well enough that you knew what you were looking at, and I felt guilty for looking. Alfred hadn’t been gone a day, and there I was ogling Marco, again.

“No,” I said after a long pause, “I won’t have you killed, but I don’t feel like conversation tonight either.”

“Well, I didn’t feel like conversation when you cuffed me to the chair.”

A smile curved my lips as I purred silkily, “Well, I don’t feel like sex either.”

The smile he gave me was nothing short of charming, as he responded, “You know where to find me.”

“Yes.” Unfortunately, I did, which made it more tempting to seek him out, I thought with a smile as I watched Marco disappear into the woods.

Red is the first book in my Lilith Mercury Werewolf Hunter Series. Available now at

Red - "She's torn between the man who saved her humanity and the one who makes her want to embrace the beast."
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