Forbidden Love: Sacred Bands-The Dark Man

Forbidden Love: Sacred Bands, a totally male/male erotic and dark romance print anthology is available now at

Read blurb and excerpt from Sapphire Phelan's erotic and very dark horror romance story, "The Dark Man", inlcuded in the print anthology.

Michael never understood the compulsion to go to the beach. There, he meets Sevin Merrow, a Finman, a creature of the sea, and a seductive sorcerer. Michael begins to understand what the Dark Man wants of him as he weaves a sexual spell about him. Will it lead to love, or something darker and deadlier?

Read the excerpt--must be 18 and older to read it:

Michael. Wake up and come to me. Salt water to land, lover to lover, you are mine.
Michael woke up, struggling and gasping. He felt as if he were drowning in sea water. Not just his body, but his heart and soul too. Then his breathing became normal again. Instead, hot waves of fire blazed as his cock hardened, leaving him aching and unfulfilled. Reaching down with his hand, he closed his eyes and played with the head first, then gripped the shaft, stroking it and seeking relief. He moaned, and the pleasure rose, thrumming until he peaked, screaming from the explosion and spewing onto both his belly and the covers. He let out short spurts of breath as his body continued to vibrate. He itched to touched himself again, masturbate. He had fucked women, but none of them ever brought him the ecstatic relief his own hand could.
"See what I do to you, my Michael," said the dark voice in the room with him.
Michael screamed and sat up in bed, the blanket sliding down and uncovering his bare chest, pooling around his waist. The bedroom was dark, but he discerned the outline of someone standing by the rain-lashed window.
"Who are you and how the hell did you get in?" Michael demanded, frightened.
"I'm the reason behind the erotic dreams you've been having since you turned eighteen. I am called Sevin Merrow and I will teach you a different kind of love, one that will bring you ecstasy."
The shadow slowly approached the bed. Michael switched on the lamp standing on the table next to his bed. The soft glow from the halogen light lit up the lines of a man's stern, gloomy face, the skin dark. Long black hair fell over his shoulders like a waterfall and eyebrows black as sin slashed over dark eyes. A well-made man, he stood taller than Michael's own six feet, with a lean and sinewy form. And naked as a newborn baby! His cock jutted up, thick and long, a pearly bead of pre cum at the tip.
"Where are your clothes?" Michael asked. A horrible thought crossed his mind. "Oh God, you're going to rape me, aren't you?" Instead of fear though, he began to feel excited at the thought.
The dark face glowered. "Do not say His name, it's abhorrent to me! And I assure you there will be no rape here tonight. You will give yourself freely to me." He drew nearer. "I have wanted you since the first time I dreamed of you at the bottom of the sea and so, I began to call to you. Finally after five years of cajoling you came here to me. Tonight, we will mate. Then you will come with me to Hildaland, to live with me as my lover."
His eyes smoldered with a dark flame.
Ensorcelled by his eyes, Michael felt the dark stranger pull him out of the bed and into his arms. His flesh felt cold as ice and slimy. Shocked, Michael tried to withdraw from his arms, but he held him in a vise grip.
A strange sheen of silver coated Sevin, adding a other-worldly gleam to his darkness. His skin felt soft and sleek as satin while underneath iron-hard muscles rippled. The same held true of the Dark Man's cock, steel in velvet. It pressed against Michael's belly, erotic to the touch, and Michael's own organ responded in kind, hardening. And yet, Sevin felt freezing cold to the touch, like the cold Atlantic Ocean.
Sevin reached between their bodies and his fingers found Michael's engorged flesh, gripping it. Michael arched away in shock. It felt like a shard of ice had surrounded his penis! Still, he grew even more sexually excited as Sevin slid his hand up to the head and back down to the balls.
For the first time in his life he enjoyed the touch of another, the sexual excitement from not a woman, but a man. Suddenly he began to understand why fucking women's pussies had never been enjoyable. He shivered, and then began to thrust, helping Sevin bring him the incredible feeling that burned in him.
Sevin growled against his lips. "I feel you wanting to come, my Michael. You're sweating and I can smell your excitement. Your cock feels so warm and dry. I've waited years to have you, promised to me in my dreams and now, here you are. Mine to fuck till the sea covers the Earth." He chuckled.

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