Sarah's kidnapped because of mistaken identity. Clint's the tough, my way or the highway mercenary who rescues her. They mix like oil and water, until a shower beneath a magnificent waterfall unleashes the growing hunger between them. They might make it home alive, but will they survive each other along the way?

AGAINST THE ODDS gets TOP PICK at Romance Reader at Heart!
Against the Odds is outstanding fun. It's full of action, highly suspenseful, and wonderfully witty. Clint is my number one pick for "sexiest hero ever written." It's a Top Pick!
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Before Sarah had a chance to scream he threw himself at her, clamping his large hand over her mouth at the same time pinning her against the tile wall with his large body. The shower was still running, pounding down on them and soaking his hair and clothes instantly.

Her eyes widened with alarm. Struggling was her first instinct but he held her easily, as though she was no more than a child. His face was so close she could feel the heat of his breath against her. Eyes that appeared as black as volcanic rock locked onto hers like a predator zeroing in on its prey, not allowing her to look away.

She whimpered beneath his callused palm, trying wildly to move her head so that she could alert somebody, even the goons guarding her, but everything she tried to put into play against him was held immovable. Her legs were pinned into place by his, her thighs and hips shockingly aware of the raw unleashed strength in the lower half of his powerful body. Her breasts were crushed against an unyielding chest made of solid rock.

Was he going to rape her? She tried to read the answer in the fierce eyes glaring down at her, unable to ascertain what his intentions were by the firm set of his jaw. Part of her mind registered the fact if he had rape on his mind he wouldn’t be wearing a black tee shirt, green army fatigues and boots. Did he speak English? Her question was answered in the next second.

“Don’t panic!” he whispered sharply, so close that his lips actually brushed against her cheek. Don’t panic? Easy for him to say! She continued to strain against him, fear replacing the blood in her veins. “My name’s Clint. I’m taking you out of here.”

Sarah didn’t dare believe him, it was all a trick. She wouldn’t put anything past her host, including giving her a taste of freedom while she was at her most vulnerable. This was just another one of his men sent there to tease her. To play with her a little until her hopes were up. She knew a real sense of fear when he shifted his upper body and the arm across her chest slipped downward, allowing him quite an eye full if he cared to look. A rush of hot embarrassment spread quickly through her. She could feel every breath he took. She tried again to dislodge him.

His eyes were sharp and assessing. “I don’t have time to explain right now. You’re going to have to trust me. If you make a sound you’ll get us both killed. Understand?” The tone of his rough words sliced through the air like a knife, carrying the sharp edge of warning.

Sarah nodded, but the minute he relaxed and started to remove his hand she pressed on with her own attack. As pathetic as it was, it was over before it began. Before Sarah could get in a mouse-sized squeak, he easily pinned her against the wall again with a murderous glint in his eyes. He leaned in close, threateningly. This time there was no question as to what his mood was, he was furious.

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