Prophecy of Vithan First Review and Excerpt PG13

Prophecy of Vithan recieved its first review by TwoLipsReviews.

Alisha gave it 5 Kisses.
TwoLipsReviews gives their definition of 5 Kisses as:

5 Kisses – Excellent! If my review didn’t have a word number requirement, I’d simply say “READ THIS BOOK- YOU’LL LOVE IT!”

Alisha says about the book:

"Wow, does Ms. Leatherman suck you into to a totally explosive book that kept me on the edge of my seat! The Prophecy of Vithan is one tremendous book with a Star Wars flavor but where the villains are fire-breathing dragons from another dimension. The fantastic setting works really well and I was captivated by it. The Prophecy of Vithan is an absolute must read. "
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Here is an excerpt:

Vespasian walked around Morgan, inspecting her as the physician injected her with a counteragent. The physician left.
Morgan blinked her eyes as they cleared. Like waking from a low blood alcohol episode, grogginess slowly left her mind and body.
"Dirty as it is, the pale blue tunic suits you." Vespasian said after Morgan recovered from the drug. "I think I would have chosen lavender for you, to match your eyes. The blue is nice. I particularly like,” Vespasian thumbed Morgan's nipples with both hands until they became hard. "The way it accents your beasts."
Morgan tried to pull away. The grav-locks wouldn't let her. She glared at him, hoping he would see the hatred in them.
"Still a spitfire, I see. I'm glad marriage hasn't softened my Morgan."
Morgan tried to shake her head. She was not his. She never would be his. Morgan wanted loose so she could rip his throat out. Instead, all she could do is stand and glare at the monster in front of her.
Vespasian smiled at his captive. He placed his finger under Morgan's chin and caressed her jaw line following it to her ear. Morgan closed her eyes. She tried to remove herself from the throne room, mentally. The block placed in her mind by the Psy kept her in the moment. Morgan mouthed a curse at the Regent. He smiled. His finger circled her ear, touching along the nape of her neck. Delicately, the Regent brushed Morgan's braid from her back over her shoulders. He placed the braid over the erect nipple of one breast. His hand gently shifted from her breast to her back. Morgan tensed. Grabbing a handful of cloth, Vespasian ripped the shift off Morgan. The silk tearing from her body pulled and burned on her shoulders and around her arms. Morgan could feel goose bumps rise as her body responded to the change of temperature. Her stomach churned as Vespasian traced the scars on her back with his finger. He pressed into the folds of her skin. She shuddered as the Regent began using his tongue where his fingers had explored.
"Was that a good one?" Vespasian asked. His hands continued to explore Morgan's body. "Do you enjoy when I do this? Has Len touched you in this manner? Your body tells me much. I see in your eyes, you want to tell me even more."
Morgan hated that she couldn't speak. She was glad she couldn't speak. She wanted to tell Vespasian what she thought of him. She knew she would only be beaten for saying what she thought. She did not want to know how long he would beat her this time.
Vespasian left his task and walked in front of Morgan. His attitude different, strange. "If you swear, on Sonij honor, not to leave the throne room, I'll remove the grav-locks and the silencer."
Morgan nodded. She held her hands to him and lifted her chin, revealing her throat. She had to trust him to remove the restraints and not kill her.
"Remember, this is an oath on Sonij honor." Vespasian grinned.
Morgan sighed heavily. She nodded.
The Regent keyed in the codes and removed the restraints. Morgan kept her surprise to her self. Vespasian did not touch her during the removal process. She expected him to fondle her and cause more discomfort for her. He didn't.
Morgan rubbed her wrists. She flexed her ankles. She cleared her throat. "What is it with you, Vespasian? Why can't you leave me alone? What do I mean to you? You can have any woman in this system, in this galaxy. Why me?"

Vespasian smiled at Morgan. He turned and sauntered to his throne. He whirled and in an exaggerated flounce, he sat. He looked at his hand, studying his immaculately manicured fingernails, before answering. "Do you realize you are the only one who withstood the torture necessary for Vespasian to get off? Oh, he tried other methods. He was a true sadist, through and through. I've inherited his perverse obsession. I don't understand it thoroughly. Other women provide the blood I need to sustain this shape, but it is you I want. Not to kill, to -"
"You keep referring to Vespasian in the third person. Have you gone over the edge?" Morgan interrupted, hoping to distract Vespasian from his current train of thought.
Vespasian leaped from the throne. He grabbed Morgan roughly and kissed her. She pushed with all her might to keep him away. Even with her strength, he held her tightly as he forced his mouth on hers. Morgan's heart raced in horror. He used brute strength, not control on her. The man Vespasian never used his strength alone. He was too insecure. He used control to make her respond. After what seemed an eternity in hell, the Regent released Morgan with a push. He meandered back to the throne.
"You…you're not Vespasian! Who are you?"

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