Perfecting Amanda

One woman, two men—the choice of a lifetime and the chance for a perfect future. When Amanda McCormick heads west as to create a home of her own and begin a “perfect” marriage with a man she’s never met, gambler Spencer Teague intercepts her. Pretending to be her fiancĂ©, he tricks her into surrendering her virginity.

Amanda hides the misguided affair and forges a relationship with her young husband, Travis. But her secret haunts her when she learns she’s pregnant. Meanwhile, Spencer is haunted by visions of a little girl who demands he find and help Amanda.

Their lives entwine as the three come together in an unexpected relationship that touches—and tortures—them all. Amanda questions whether perfection is attainable and if it’s possible to love two very different kinds of men.


Beth Williamson, author of the Malloy family series
"Perfecting Amanda is an emotional ride that swept this reader along, a gripping historical that allows you to peek into the life a strong woman lived so long ago. Get ready y'all, you're in for a story that won't let you go."

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