WAIT FOR ME, JEFF New release v. sensual ROMONA HILLIGER

Set in the
Northern Territory of Australia
A tale filled with stunning surprises and twists that will send the pulse racing and challenge the emotions...
Jeff Hunter. A captivating reneged with a cause. A lawyer who, though in demand by the privileged, prefers to pit his extraordinary skills in the defence of the under-dog. Jeff has never forgotten Kate the sweet love of his life since his teens, but though the years have kept them apart, playing out its little games, a twist of fate has brought them together again. To his utter shock, the little girl who’d followed him everywhere had now, grown into a perfect swan. Never had any woman aroused him as this beauty did. But this was little Katie, for God’s sake.

Stunned by the news that Jeff had married someone else, Kate Anderson knows that she can never have him. Throwing herself into her new job as a bush pilot and the realization that she’s raised the interest of another man, helps cushion her pain but nothing will erase the bitterness of the love that still haunts her dreams.
“Wait for me, Jeff. Will you marry me, Jeff when I grow up?” she still heard her childish pleas as she’d followed him around.
“I will, but you’ll have to grow up fast Little Birdie…”

Their heart-rending destiny seems now fulfilled. But could Destiny be changed? Perhaps, but that would take a miracle...
Available at Lavender Isis Press http://www.lavenderisis.com/

SEE FLASH MOVIE http://www.toufee.com/cgi-bin/user.pl?u=54301186643445

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