Forcing a square peg into a round hole can be difficult. This time the results are positively disastrous.

Young Peyton Hamilton believes she was sent to Wellbourne Manor to act as chaperone for her marriage-minded sister. Therefore the warnings in the orientation pamphlets hold no truth for her. Peyton begins to seek out the hidden magic of the manor, putting her at odds with the lady who runs Wellbourne, Lady Elizabeth and finds herself being tutored by her rude nephew, Rupert Granville.

Rupert no longer sees magic at Wellbourne. Calling it a slave auction, he resists his aunt's attempts to name him as successor. However, there is one thing he can not resist. Peyton's reckless nature has unwittingly drawn him in and he is torn between tutoring the little hoyden and leading her further into the forbidden.

I loved this novel. An easy-to-read story, it was erotic without being overly graphic. The romance between the two main characters built throughout the story, giving this reader the tingles at the relatively minor romantic parts. I will read this one again and again.
The Romance Reader's Connection Review
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Anonymous said...

What a great read! I highly recommend this book!