(PG excerpt) Revisiting The Science Fiction Romance, ForEvver


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Science Fiction Romance

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In the year 2102, the Fountain of Youth exists for only a select few. But you can’t cheat death ForEvver.

In the year 2102, Flavia Gracchus reluctantly agrees to deliver a special shipment from her home on the Moon to ForEvver Rehabilitation CEO, Reid Evver. What she doesn’t know is that Evver, a man much older than he appears, intends to marry her and start a family. How can she escape Evver’s clutches and wed the man of her dreams?

Ambitious Jason Maverick can’t believe his new assignment: to babysit Reid Evver’s future wife, a Moon native, by escorting her on a sightseeing tour. But the more time Jason spends in Flavia’s company, the more she captivates him. How can he propose to the woman he’s been waiting for all his life when she’s all but bought and paid for by his mysterious, unscrupulous boss?

Scene Set-Up:
Flavia has reluctantly accepted an assignment on Earth to further her career as a physical therapist. She feels out of place here, especially with the hunky Jason Maverick escorting her around.

If nothing else, Flavia Gracchus was pragmatic. Sitting in the unicopter taxi on the way to the restaurant, she ignored the unfamiliar sights of congested skyways and manmade mountains of steel and glass. She also ignored the handsome, but aggravating man seated next to her, too close for comfort. Thigh to thigh, actually.

No, she couldn’t think about that. She had to focus on what Reid Evver had said. What he had offered. Medical director of the new ForEvver Rehabilitation facility at Copernicus City. Manage the complex the way it should be managed, along with having a wonderful position for her brother, Claudius. She could provide excellent care, help so many people--it truly was a dream come true. All she had to do was have her feet planted here on Earth for one month. Only thirty measly days. Play the sightseer.

And be in this guy’s company.

She shivered. Jason Maverick was a womanizer. A notorious one, her instincts told her. He better not expect anything out of the ordinary from this assignment. Or she would personally make sure he lost the particular part of his anatomy that he was so fond of mentioning.

“Does flying bother you?” Jason shifted in the tiny seat of the cab, which pressed his thigh more tightly against hers. “Probably doesn’t look like it, but we’re almost at the landing spot. It’s amazing how these unicopters navigate through Tri-Metro’s downtown maze.”

Some areas of the Moon had far more dizzying depths to its craggy surface than these oddly shaped buildings. She set the man straight. “No, it’s the cold. I’ve never experienced winter before.”

He looked over at her as if evaluating what he was seeing. His grey eyes darkened. “No, I guess you haven’t, have you? Would you care to wear my jacket?”

His designer suit jacket and her work overalls? No, no way. These sophisticated Metros would take one look at the pathetic sight and end up in analysis for a year.

She shook her head, freeing several wisps of frizzy hair to dance around her face. “That’s very kind of you, but I’ll be fine.”

He shrugged. “Up to you. We’ll have to get you some warmer clothes, though.”

For the first time in her life she was embarrassed, out of place, at a distinct disadvantage. She flushed.

Drat. Still, she had to admit that Reid’s plan to get her familiar with Earth did have merit, and benefits. There were so many activities here that were unknown to her. In fact, she could actually arrange to attend a baseball game so when she returned to Tychotown, she could have a more meaningful conversation with her client, Donald Helman.

The unicopter landed on the pad with a heavy thud. Once the whirl of engines and unicopter blades subsided, the pilot opened the door for them. Jason alighted first, then held out his hand for her.

She had no recourse but to take it. His fingers firmly grasped her, and again warm, strange tingles traveled up her arm. Comforting, yet disturbing at the same time.

As soon as she was out of the unicopter, she let go of his hand. Darn it all, while her body might signal that she was attracted to Jason Maverick, she herself was definitely not an admirer.


Hope you enjoy!

Susanne Marie Knight

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