Re-Released! Regency Time-Travel Romance TIMELESS DECEPTION (excerpt PG)

Here’s a classic time-travel Regency for a classic holiday season!


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Time-Travel Regency

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Price: $4.99

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TANGLED WEB: Her identity switched against her will, Alaina Sawyer wakes up in the year 1818 as the Countess of Saybrooke. Can she convince the man of her dreams--her new “husband”--that she is cut from an altogether different cloth than his unfaithful wife Alicia?

WISHFUL THINKING: Richard Cransworth, the Earl of Saybrooke, must come to grips with his wife’s sudden descent into virtue. Is her new behavior wishful thinking on his part, or can it possibly be that she is now his, and his alone?

Scene Set-Up:
Alaina is pretending to be Lord Saybrooke’s wife, Alicia. He finds her behavior at the dinner table puzzling, so he has a private meeting with her to discover what is going on.

This battle of wits invigorated her. It was quite a challenge to manufacture answers in response to Lord Saybrooke’s questions. Of course, it was easy to make a false step, but so what? Until Alaina did, she would let her imagination run rampant.

Besides, her replies fueled the man’s anger; she enjoyed that, she enjoyed that very much.

With both elbows, Lord Saybrooke leaned on the mantle and observed her from his superior height. “Perhaps the strangest piece of the puzzle is you addressing me differently. I have known you many years, m’dear. You have never used my first name.”

For once, Alaina was stumped. She had called him “Richard,” following his mother’s lead. Wasn’t that his name? What else could her double have called him?

Then, very clearly, Alicia’s words came back to her: “Saybrooke” she had said.

Slowly approaching the fireplace as if it was the lion’s den, Alaina looked up into his face. How good-looking he was. Such a hard and lean jaw-line, smooth and square. His hooded eyes had brows that threatened to meet at the slightest sign of displeasure.

“Well, I decided I would get your attention if I called you ‘Richard.’“

Those brows moved together as she prophesied. “And why did you want my attention?” he asked dangerously.

She fidgeted with the folds in her dress. If only he would look at her with less disgust.

Avoiding his probing eyes, she struggled to come up with a reason. “I hadn’t seen you in a long time. I wondered... if... if....”

Her voice trailed off. Her imagination finally failed her.

“You wondered if you could still make my life miserable.” He supplied the rest of the words. “Indeed, you can be assured on that count. As you have surmised, you retain that particular talent, m’dear.”

The Earl of Saybrooke made a small bow and quickly left the room, allowing the solid mahogany door to slam, giving evidence to the violence of his feelings. The echo was the only sound in the grand State Dining Room to keep Alaina company.


Happy Holidays!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist! 

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