Stepbrother and Company: A Steamy Forbidden Ménage Romance

If you thought nothing could be more taboo than Stepbrother Summer, you won’t believe what happens in STEPBROTHER AND COMPANY by Giselle Renarde!

After two months of forbidden love at the cottage, Sheree crashes at the townhouse Adam shares with a motley crew of college students. There are no spare rooms, but she doesn’t mind sleeping on the couch. It’ll only be until she finds a job. No big deal, right?

But Sheree isn’t interested in mainstream work. She lounges around all day, tempting her stepbrother and annoying Adam’s rent-paying housemates.

When Adam and his roomies find out about the sordid online business Sheree’s built right under their noses, will they kick her to the curb… or choose to be used?

A steamy stepbrother romance novel including multiple partners and mind-blowing ménage!

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Adam breathed hard as Sheree’s fist slid up and down his dick. “There’s no reason you couldn’t stay with Mom and Dad. You just don’t want to. You’re not my problem.”

“Aren’t I?” Sheree arched on the bed without releasing Adam’s hard-on. Her free hand yanked the crotch of her jean shorts to one side, giving him an explicit view of her peachy shaved pussy. “If I’m not your problem, whose problem am I?”

Adam’s heart raced as he stared unapologetically at his stepsister’s cunt. The muscles in her forearm struggled to keep her cut-offs pulled out of the way. Rough denim pressed against her most tender part. His cock pulsed because, god, he knew that pussy. He knew it well.

“Quit fighting me, Adam.” Sheree inched her wet pussy closer to his dick. “Just shut your face and let me fuck you.”

His cockhead spilled precum across her clit as she rubbed him there. Fuck, that flesh was hot stuff. Pulpy, swollen, juicy, and pink. Who was he kidding? He wanted inside. He wanted to ram his dick into his stepsister’s tight snatch and fuck her brains out. Just the thought of it…

“No, don’t!” She ran her fist up his shaft and squeezed the tip. “Don’t you dare come yet!”

Adam’s body gyrated on the bed. He flopped like a fish trapped in Sheree’s net. “I can’t… I can’t stop it!”

Amazon UK:
Amazon Canada:
Amazon Australia:

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