The Brat Runs Home by Lexi Wood

The Brat Runs Home
A Taboo Tale of Forbidden Lust
by Lexi Wood

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Walter’s never understood this so-called “Empty Nest Syndrome.” He enjoys silence, and he’s got plenty of it now that his wife spends her evenings seducing younger men and her brat has moved away. Ahh… peace and quiet! But when Misty runs home after a fight with her boyfriend, will Walter eschew the young woman’s advances? Or will his silence be forever shattered?

A taboo tale of forbidden lust by Lexi Wood.

Who would? Lexi Wood!


When I arrived at the top of the stairs, I caught sight of my stepdaughter in my bedroom. If I didn’t know better, I’d have mistaken her for Lila. For one thing, she was standing by our dresser with her back to me, trying on her mother’s earrings in the mirror. She’d wrapped her long hair in a towel the way Lila had done in the days when she’d worn her hair that way. Misty also had on her mother’s kimono, which was a distressingly lime-like shade of green.

She turned and caught me staring.

Before I could find an explanation for my leering gaze, she pointed to the bag and said, “That all needs to go in the washing machine.”

“Oh.” So it really was laundry.

“Can you throw my other clothes in, too?” She indicated the bathroom, which looked as though it had been hit by a tornado of young adult clothing.

“What will you wear tonight?” I asked.

“This,” she replied, nodding to her mother’s kimono as she secured Lila’s rubies around her neck.

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