Cinderella Liberty
By Cat Johnson
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Marine Gunnery Sergeant John "Crash" O'Malley has two goals for the immediate future. One, enjoy his liberty in New York City, and two, survive his deployment to Afghanistan. What he didn't plan on is Trish. A guy can't have a one-night stand with his best friend's sister and then abandon her at midnight when his liberty ends, but starting a new relationship days before shipping out would be crazy. Then again, Crash never did do things the easy way.

What he doesn't realize is that his friend's displeasure over Crash breaking the "no sisters rule" is nothing compared to what the insurgents have in store for them in the Helmand Province. Now it's a matter of survival because Crash's new objective is to get home and make Trish his.


"I told you she was hot." Zippy's eyes were glued to Dawn, or rather Dawn's tits, even as he spoke to Crash.
"And I told you I didn't want to be fixed up."
"Fine. Maybe I'll go for it myself. I'd forgotten how smoking she was."
Crash shook his head. Zippy going for it with his sister's best friend sounded like a recipe for disaster to him. If it ended up being a one-night stand, Zip wouldn't be able to help but keep running into the girl because of her friendship with his sister. Same thing if it turned into a longer relationship and ended badly. There'd be hard feelings and no avoiding her. Trish wouldn't like being put in the middle of a messy situation between her best friend and her brother. That was the very reason Crash shouldn't be having the thoughts he had about Zippy's sister.
Crash had never thought of Zippy as a good-looking guy. He just wasn't wired to think about a fellow Marine like that. But Trish had the same dark hair and rich green eyes her brother had, and on her it was a drop dead gorgeous combination. Add to the knockout hair and eyes Trish's long legs and tits that weren't huge but a perfect mouthful and she was his perfect type.
The damn women had outfitted her killer body to perfection too. The sundress was low enough in front to hint at some cleavage and short enough to be tasteful but still show off a tempting amount of leg.
More than looks, though, she was funny and cute and—shit, she also happened to be his best buddy's sister. Crash had to keep reminding himself of that.
Maybe it was for the best she was off limits. Crash didn't want to be tethered to a relationship back in the States while he was in Afghanistan. That too was a recipe for disaster. Separations like that were hard on an established relationship. Forget about a brand new one just getting off the ground. His last girlfriend had cheated on him while he was stateside—in the same damn town. How could he trust a woman thousands of miles away?
And her being Zippy's sister made one night of fun with her here in the city impossible. Guys didn't do that to each other. If the situations were reversed and Zippy screwed around with Crash's sister and then left for deployment without ever talking to her again, he'd knock Zippy out cold.
Pity, though. He was really enjoying Trish's company. Watching the way she put Zip in his place was the most fun Crash had had in a while. Half the time Zippy didn't even realize she was manipulating him into doing what she wanted. Yup, Trish was a smart girl wrapped up in one hell of a tempting package.
Crap. He had to stop thinking that kind of shit.


Cat Johnson is a NY Times & USA Today bestselling author writing contemporary romance in genres including military and cowboy.  A self-proclaimed promo ‘ho, she is known for her creative marketing and research practices. Consequently, Cat has sponsored bull riding rodeo cowboys, owns an entire collection of cowboy boots and camouflage shoes for book signings and a fair number of her consultants wear combat or cowboy boots for a living. She writes both full length and shorter works and is currently contracted with Kensington and Samhain.

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