New Audiobook! Saturday on a Tuesday (Lesbian BDSM Erotica)

Office workers after hours. Coffee-coated boobs. Belts and bondage and spankings, oh my!

"Saturday on a Tuesday" has got everything you're looking for in a lesbian sex-at-work BDSM story.  Originally published in the "Smut in the City" anthology edited by Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse, it's now available as a standalone audiobook!

Junior lawyer Liddy's ex-girlfriend called her a Saturday Night Lesbian--a woman who acts straight during the week and only gives in to temptation at the weekend. When Gemma, a partner at the firm, finds the young woman in the lunchroom after hours, she uses her hand, her belt, and a tray of ice cubes to help Liddy prove she can get crazy any night of the week. 

Read a Sample:

“I hope you wore pleasing panties today,” Gemma said, pushing her voice into a lower register, making it boom and reverberate throughout the kitchen. “I don’t want to be disappointed by a ratty pair of undies when I lift this skirt.”

“You won’t be disappointed, ma’am.” Liddy wiggled her bum, beckoning Gemma’s advance. “I think you’re really going to like my pretty panties.”

Gemma lifted that grey woollen skirt, and what she found underneath pleased her immensely. Liddy’s panties were pink. Hot pink, and mesh with a rhumba ruffle on the derriere.

“Do you?” Liddy begged. “Do you like my panties, ma’am?”

“Very much so.”

“I like them too, ma’am. They feel wonderful against my skin.” She turned enough that Gemma could see the splashes of creamy coffee against her pale flesh. When she arched up, droplets fell from her hard nipples and splashed against the table. “Did you want to feel my panties against your palm, ma’am?”

Gemma’s heart palpitated, but her hand remained steady. She accepted Liddy’s invitation, smacking the girl’s ass. Those hot pink rhumba ruffles fluttered as the blow landed, and Liddy yelped. She slid across the table when Gemma spanked her again, knocking the coffee mug to the floor. When it shattered, she cried, “I’m sorry! I’ll clean it!”

“Not just yet,” Gemma insisted, tearing down Liddy’s pretty panties.

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