Two people who really, really need each other

A laird torn by family secrets...
A lady torn by childhood memories...

He swore never to marry...
So did she...

Can he give his heart to her?
Can she accept his pledge?

Warrior's Pledge by Kara Griffin

Excerpt for your pleasure ~

She pressed her palm against the hardness of his chest, unable to speak. He was real and certainly not a figment of her imagination.

His hand caressed her hair, moving over the damp strands that hung by her shoulder. The warrior looked as though he’d dare do whatever he wanted. Placing his arm around her, he pulled her close. Julianna gasped.

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to …”

“Tempt me? But ye have. There’s no reason to be sorry.”

Julianna couldn’t hold a single thought when he trapped her against him. With his rock-hard body pressing against hers, the indecency of it never occurred to her. He lowered his head until his lips touched hers. His warm breath felt nice against her lips. She melted in his embrace when his tongue slipped inside her mouth. He deepened the kiss, not giving her a moment to pull away. She’d never felt anything so riveting before. The kiss became ardent, igniting her soul. Passion flowed through her as it had never before. She pulled him closer, never wanting to let him go.

The warrior knew what he was doing. Julianna wasn’t sure if she minded or not. Never had she been kissed so thoroughly. His hard body pressed against hers at the exact moment his hand moved to her bottom. He seemed as out of control as she felt. She liked the way his mouth moved, dominating her with a sense of his expertise. Her breasts, barely covered by her nightrail, crushed against his muscular chest, sending odd sensations through her. Twinges of desire trembled inside her, making her aware of his touches.

Held motionless by his strength, Julianna was overcome with panic. She’d liked the kisses, but now it had gone too far. Aware now of what was happening, she forced him to let go of her by stepping out of his embrace. Amazingly he released her.

“I don’t know what came over me … to allow you …” her whisper sounded strange. Julianna’s legs trembled and she took a calming breath. Once she regained control of her thoughts, she realized the jeopardy she was in. Before she could flee, he touched her face.

“Who are you? What I mean to say is, where are ye from? I already know who you are.”

“Do you?” She couldn’t believe the turn of their conversation. “I assure you, we have not been introduced.” How could he know her unless … Was she the woman he spoke of to Charles?

“Aye, you’re Lady Julianna. I could be easily enticed.” His eyes seemed to implore her, but also had a teasing look.

“Is that so, my lord? What if I don’t wish to tempt ye?”

“I can be very persuasive. You’re a bonny lass and I couldn’t stop myself from kissing you.”

“Who are you? Are ye here for the wedding?”

“I’m Colin MacKinnon, and aye I am here for the wedding. What do you say we get the friar now and save us the trouble of finding one later?” His arms trapped her by the tree and he wouldn’t let her turn.

“As much as that appeals, I do believe ‘tis time for farewell.”

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Kara Griffin

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