New Release: COLE (Red, Hot & Blue)

One night can leave a trail a decade long.

Red, Hot & Blue, Book 5

Ten years ago, a wicked curve ball and a scout for the major leagues gave Cole Ryan his big break. Before he set foot on the bus to training camp, Lizzie Barton gave him everything…then inexplicably broke his heart.  Now he’s back in Pigeon Hollow with a bum arm and a cancelled contract. Lizzie is still there, still keeping her secrets. Still haunting his dreams.

To make sure Cole would have the future he wanted, Lizzie kept her crush on her older brother’s best friend to herself. But in this small town, there was no hiding the results of her one and only night in his arms. With Cole away playing ball, it was easy to pretend he would never know. But now that he’s back it’s only a matter of time.

Right about the time Cole figures out what he left behind, cameras for a reality TV show arrive to film Lizzie’s brother. And suddenly Cole is scrambling to keep the spotlight out of his and Lizzie’s private life…and to convince her they can still make both their dreams come true.

This book has been previously published and has been revised from its original release.

Warning: Contains love that conquers a decade of sitting on the bench…and one night of sex that resulted in a big change in two lovers’ lifetime stats.

EXCERPT (G-rated)

“Hey, Cole.” One of the guys bumped Cole’s fist with his own. “You should have been at the game today. Jared here hit a grand slam. Maybe he’ll be joining you in the majors one day.”
“Sounds good.” Cole slapped Jared on the back. “I wouldn’t mind another local boy there in the city with me.”
Jared shook his head. “Nope, big-city life’s not for me. I’m staying right here.
But it was nice to rub it in the other team’s faces today that Pigeon Hollow doesn’t lose to anybody.”
Another cheer rose and Cole shook his head and laughed. He better drink his fill fast, because as noisy as these guys were, this secret party was on borrowed time already.
Cole scanned the clearing and noticed that scattered amid the guys were a few girls milling around. Among them, tucked off in a corner looking embarrassed while holding a cup but not drinking, was Bobby Barton’s little sister, Lizzie. Only she didn’t look like she used to. Somehow since he’d been away she’d absolutely blossomed. Her dark hair was still long and wavy, but it wasn’t in pigtails anymore. She still wore the T-shirts and denim mini-skirts he was used to seeing her in, but boy-oh-boy, she really filled them out nicely now.
She’d always been a good kid—kind, smart, sweet, but that was it. She’d been a kid. Now… Wow.
A wave of guilt hit him. If Bobby ever saw him looking at Lizzie like this he’d slug him. Cole took a closer look around the clearing and realized that although Lizzie was here, Bobby wasn’t.
Cole poked the guy closest to him. “Hey, where’s Bobby at?”
“He’s always busy now. He’s been working at the grocery store and taking classes at the community college. Getting a degree in criminal justice or something so he can join the sheriff’s department.”
Cole nearly choked on his beer. “Really? The sheriff’s department? Wow.”
He felt guilty he’d lost touch with his best friend from high school while away at college. It wasn’t intentional. It was just tough playing ball in college while trying to keep up with classes. Weeks had turned into months, and before he knew it the whole school year had flown by.
He glanced at Lizzie again. Even as a child she’d always had the trademark
Barton dark hair and brilliant blue eyes that made all three distinguishable as siblings. Now, Lizzie had the body of a woman too. What a change from the little rug rat who used to trail along behind him and Bobby for as long as he could remember. Smiling at the memory, Cole started to work his way over to her.
Hell, it couldn’t hurt to say hi and ask about Bobby.
When he reached her side she smiled up at him—right as all hell broke loose.
Spotlights flashed on, making the clearing bright as day. The sheriff and two deputies strode out of the trees, yelling for everyone to stay right where they were. Cole didn’t think twice. After flinging both his and Lizzie’s beer cups into the bushes, he grabbed her and pulled her into the shelter of the trees.

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"If you are looking for a nice romance with a great story line, and not too long, Cole would be the book for you. I was very impressed with the plot and writing..." Angela, Sizzling Hot Book Reviews 

‎"I highly recommend all of the books in this series but I'll admit, I hold a particular place in my heart now for Cole." Lee, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

"...a story that will pull your heartstrings and make you wish you could get your hands on the next installment from Pigeon Hollow right now. Ms. Johnson has written a poignant story where your heart goes out to both the hero and heroine. Ms. Johnson gives detailed insight into both characters minds with her distinctive writing style. Cat Johnson has written another keeper, this series from Pigeon Hollow continues to keep us readers coming back for more and I cannot wait for the next installment." Kennedia, LASR-Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

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