All the Right Moves Excerpt - rated X

Annie lay back and floated, too exhausted from
their lovemaking sessions to do any swimming. It
wouldn’t be long before they’d have to head back so
she could get ready for work. Marshall had already
expressed his reservations about her going in that
morning, which might be the reason he was so quiet.
Annie appreciated his concern but had told him that
was one argument he wasn’t going to win.
Detective Thomas didn’t like losing.
Smiling, Annie stared up at the fathomless void
above her. She wasn’t worried about sharks or any
other dangers the ocean was home to, her danger
was in the hands of a sexy detective. Making love
with him had thrown an element into their situation
she hadn’t counted on.
Something brushed against her, and she moved
to her feet with a soft sound of fright.
“Relax, it’s just me.”
He was close enough that Annie could reach out
and touch him if she wanted. “Is it time to go back?”
She sensed he had something on his mind.
“You’re not going to bring up my going into the office
again, are you?” His low rumble of laughter was her
response. “Trying to come up with a new idea of why
I should stay here?”
“Oh, I can think of one good reason to keep you
His voice carried the sexual undertones Annie
was already learning to recognize. “We could spend
the day making love.”
She laughed softly. “Spend the day in bed?”
“I didn’t say we’d be in bed.” There was no
denying the humor in his tone. “I can think of a lot of
places two people can make love, Annie.”
He reached forward and slipped his hand
around the back of her neck. Annie found herself
drawn to him until they were flush against one
another. She caught her breath at the pleasure
zinging through her when her erect nipples brushed
against his hard chest.
“And where might that be, Detective?” God she
was weak! It appeared Marshall had woken the
sleeping woman in her, one easily turned on by the
sound of his voice when it was hoarse with desire,
the look in his eyes when they were filled with
“Right here for one.”
“I like the sound of that, Detective.” She couldn’t
believe how far she’d come in so little time, but
Annie recognized the boldness of her response.
Marshall made her feel confident and sexy.
Annie waited with anticipation for Marshall to
kiss her. She wanted his lips on her, his tongue
inside her mouth. As the gentle movement of the
water fused them together, she became increasingly
aware of his hard on. She arched against him,
hoping he took the hint that she wanted him as
much as he wanted her.
When his kiss came, it was not a gentle attack
but it affected all of Annie’s senses. Pleasure
fluttered inside her belly, her heart rate picked up
speed. When she opened her mouth, he rewarded her
by slipping his tongue inside to mate with hers.
Soon their mutual moans of desire surrounded
them. Then Marshall’s hands slid down her body,
cupped her ass, and pulled her up against his fully
aroused shaft. It wasn’t enough. Annie wanted to
feel him against the sensitive button and parted her
legs, inviting entry.
“God…that feels good!” she gasped when he
released her mouth. She let her hands travel over
his broad shoulders and down his muscled back. She
tugged on his ear lobe with her teeth, barely holding
back restraint.
Marshall shuddered against her. “Do you know
what feels even better?” He moved Annie up and
down his throbbing flesh. “This!” His hand moved
between them to grasp his penis and guide it inside
her welcoming body.
Annie purred like a satisfied cat. Holding onto
his shoulders, she arched back as far as she could go.
As he braced himself against the swaying water she
began to move her hips back and forth. Her
excitement escalated when his hands smoothed up
her ribcage to caress her breasts.
She moved faster. He stroked her breasts a little
rougher. With a growl, he bent forward and took a
nipple in his mouth and tongued it. Then he began
to lap at her breasts as though enjoying an ice cream
cone. Growing weak, Annie didn’t know how much
longer she could hold on, thankful when Marshall’s
hands moved to her hips.
“Like this?” He pulled her hips back until only
the very tip of him was left inside her and then
impaled her on his rock hard flesh in one long, slow
“Yes!” Annie said with feeling. She clenched her
muscles around him. “Do you like it, Detective?” Her
actions got a swift and pleasurable response.
Marshall groaned low, his hands bruising on Annie’s
waist as he lost control. “Oh hell…Annie…” He
began moving in and out of her with blinding speed.
Annie leaned back until she was practically
horizontal with the water. The position forced
Marshall further inside her womb and caressed the
very spot that would bring her release. She wasn’t
afraid he’d let her go beneath the surface, trusting
the strength of his hands as he controlled their
She was close, but she sensed Marshall was
closer as he picked up speed. She reached between
their bodies for his plunging shaft and took it into
her hands. He was forced to halt while she ran the
tip of his flesh over her little throbbing button.
Seconds was all Annie needed to bring herself to
Crying out, she released Marshall so he could
continue what he’d been doing. The uncontrolled
gyrations of her body seemed to push him over the
“Shit, Annie!”
When his body began to convulse much like
hers, he pulled her up and slapped his mouth over
hers. He clutched her to him roughly, until gradually
his hips slowed down and only an occasional tremor
shook him.

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