Educating Ansley ( a RED hot erotica menage ) PG 17 Excerpt

Gossip Girl meets the Dukes of Hazard with a whole lot of red hot sex thrown in–that’s Educating Ansley, the first title in the Cat Johnson RED line.
Connecticut’s rich and beautiful summer at mansions in the Hamptons not on a ranch in Colorado, but that’s exactly where society girl Ansley Craig’s been banished by her grandmother just for having a little too much fun at a graduation party.
She expects to find cows and boredom at the Kane ranch. What she doesn’t count on are the Kane brothers. Ansley may have the college degree, but Jeremy and Ryan are two cowboys who can teach her a few things she didn’t learn in school.
Reader Advisory: Expect one spoiled rich girl engaging in frequent sexual acts including multiple partner situations, same sex play, anal sex and even a roll in the hay.
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What is the Cat Johnson RED imprint?

It’s the equivalent of the backroom at the video store. It’s uncensored. It’s no apologies erotica. It’s not for those easily offended, the faint of heart or readers with delicate sensibilities. Warning: It’s not your mama’s romance, but it’s also not your typical Cat Johnson book.

What there might be is:
Frequent sexual encounters, sometimes with complete strangers
Multiple partners
Female characters who enjoy sex, often with many people, and make no apologies for it
Same sex play including M/M and F/F and any combination within a multi-partner situation
Sex toys (and everyday objects employed as sex toys)
Anal play
Red hot fun!

Ryan slowed and steered the truck onto the access road for the ranch.
The trip had been pretty much silent, which wasn’t a surprise judging by how unhappy his passenger had looked when he’d met her at Hank’s. “Here we are.”
She finally turned from staring out the passenger window. “What do you mean, here we are?”
“We just pulled onto the ranch.”
A frown creased her pretty brow. “I don’t see anything.”
“Well not yet you won’t. It’s two thousand acres. We have to drive a bit before you see the buildings.”
“Two thousand?”
“Yeah.” Did she actually look impressed? If she had, her interest disappeared just as quickly as it had come and the puss returned… Until the lake came into view and she sat forward in her seat, gaze glued to the view.
“Wait! Stop.”
He slammed on the brakes. “What? What’s wrong?”
She’d cried out like he’d run over an animal or something, but he was pretty sure he would have noticed if he’d done that.
The minute the truck stopped she flung open the passenger door and hopped out. Cursing under his breath, he put the truck in park, turned off the ignition and followed her, only to see her making a beeline directly for the water and dropping her clothes along the way as she went.
She’d already pulled off her shirt and had just reached back and released the closure on her bra when he called out, “What are you doing?”
“Cooling off.” Glancing over her shoulder she answered him before the bra hit the grass. She kicked off her shoes and pushed her skirt down her incredibly long legs.
His brother had been right. This girl was looking for trouble and right now he suspected she was also looking for a reaction from him. Her tiny lace panties followed and then, stripped totally bare ass naked, she turned and stood before him as if challenging him to stop her.
To his credit, he didn’t give her what she wanted. All he did was cross his arms and lean against the truck. “All right. If you’re going in for a swim, then go on. I’ll wait.”
“Don’t you want to come in with me?” Her suggestive smile, not to mention her smoking hot and very nude body, could easily have lured a hundred guys into the water after her, but Ryan stood his ground. Meanwhile, a certain portion of his anatomy was standing now as well.
He let his eyes wander long enough to take note she was bare of hair as well as clothing. Not even one tiny bit of hair had been left as proof she was a natural blonde. Smooth pussy was Ryan’s downfall. He’d never been able to resist it. He better learn how now and fast.
Of course, like any good flirt, she noticed both his attention and his hard-on. She let her gaze very pointedly drop to his crotch. “Come on. You know you want to.”
He suspected she wasn’t talking just about swimming. This girl needed to be taken down a notch and he was just the man to do it. He liked a confident woman, but this one was just plain cocky.
“Nah. Thanks. I’m good.”
“Fine.” She shrugged like it didn’t matter, but before she spun away he saw the small frown knit her brow.
Ansley dove into the water. Once she was submerged, Ryan released the breath he’d been holding. As she swam across the pond and pretended to ignore him, Ryan pulled out his cell phone. His brother answered on the first ring.
“Jeremy. She’s frigging naked and swimming in our pond.”
His brother’s frustrated huff of breath was clearly audible through the phone. “Damn it, Ryan. Can’t you even get her home without something happening?”
Why did he always get blamed for everything? “What was I supposed to do? She jumped out of the truck and started flinging her clothes off. Just be glad I didn’t join her in there the way she wanted me to.”
“Just make sure you don’t.” The warning was clear in Jeremy’s tone of voice. “It’s partially my fault I guess. I gave her that second drink. I should have known too much liquor in that girl would make her even more crazy.”
Crazy. Usually that was a trait Ryan liked to see a little of in a woman, but not when he was in charge of them.
Unfortunately for him, she didn’t stay under long enough. Before he knew it, she was standing up again, and so was that uncooperative part of him. “I gotta go. She’s getting out.”
“Bring her right to the house.” Jeremy enunciated every word as if Ryan were in kindergarten.
“I’ll do my best. See ya later.” Ryan flipped his phone shut and shoved it in his pocket before Jeremy could lecture him any more.
Meanwhile every man’s fantasy had emerged from the water and was walking toward him, every inch of her dripping wet. Resisting Ansley naked was one thing, but seeing her drenched and naked was quite another. She was a literal wet dream as she paraded directly at him, bending occasionally to retrieve the clothes she’d scattered on the grass. She didn’t put them on though, just held them in her hand. He really wished she’d put them on.
“Aren’t you going to get dressed?” He needed her to be covered up, because he was starting to throb just from looking at her. It didn’t matter if she was off limits. He was a man, after all.
“I thought I’d dry off a bit first.” She stopped so close he could see every individual drop of water dripping from her hair and rolling down her high, tight breasts.
She took another step closer. Just the tip of her nipples pressed against him until he could feel the water from those glorious peaks soaking through his shirt to his skin. Reaching past him she dropped the bundle of clothes in the back of the truck, then put both hands on his chest.
Even without her shoes she was tall enough to reach his mouth by just tilting her head. Her lips hovered just inches from his as her hand traveled down to his belt buckle and stayed there.
He’d been in a similar position with a woman before and very recently too. Ryan remembered well how that had worked out with hooker Jackie and her passed out roommate at the trailer park.
Very aware of her hand resting too near to his cock for any polite girl, Ryan felt her stray another inch closer, brushing the tip of him through the denim, ratcheting his need another notch higher.
Ryan let out a long, slow breath. “What are you up to, girl?”
“Nothing.” She was so close to him, he felt her breath tickle his lips as she spoke.
Naked in broad daylight and pressed up against a man she’d just met was definitely something.

ISBN 978-1-4580-4275-0
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ARe (PDF, ePub, HTML, Mobi)

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