BLACK JAGUAR, Book Three of the Chronicles of Kassouk series, is out today from Desert Breeze Publishing. It's a sci-fi fantasy romance. The story stands on its own but it's better to read the series in the right order. Book One is WHITE TIGER, Book Two is RED LEOPARD. More books in this series are on the way.

"...a good story with a futuristic world building... written very well. The reader will be drawn into the story and find it very hard to put down until the very end... series that would probably be better read in order, but this one does hold up well on its own... very believable and engaging..." 4 red roses rating - Red Roses For Authors Reviews.

From one extreme to another the societal differences in this story keep you riveted. It is much like watching an episode of “Stargate,” where an advanced civilization engineers a primitive culture to suit their needs and perpetuate the image of deities to keep their subjects in line. As the truth comes to light, Kahuel and Talina are not so disparate in their basic beliefs that their love for family, friends, and wildlife cannot bond them tightly, even during the worst of times. This strange blend of fantasy, sci-if, and sweet romance is a great way to whisk yourself off to another time and place without ever having to leave your comfy chair. Coffee Time Romance & More - 4-cups rating

"Ms. Schartz has continued her spellbinding series with this fast paced story that ensnared me from the very start... I enjoyed watching the interaction of the humans with their feline friends and how they would do anything to protect each other. The visual descriptions of the jungle scenes brought them to life for this reader. I for one can't wait for the next book in the Chronicles of Kassouk series." Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews, 5-angels rating

Kahuel volunteered to sail away on his brother’s Galleon to get away from a roguish past, and prove his worth as a prince. The last things he expects on this virgin land are tragedy, natives, or scheming Mutants. Talina never saw a foreigner, until destiny brings to her shores baffling strangers who can’t read minds... among them a prince, and the Lost Daughter of the prophecy. Her fate is about to change, but the Star People protecting her clan view the outsiders as a threat to their crucial experiment. Can Kahuel, with a few warriors and felines, save Talina and her people from a horrible fate?


When the tall, dark man emerged from the thick vegetation, so close, Talina thought her heart would stop. He paused and stared at her with deep emerald eyes.
Sitting on her favorite stump, Talina stiffened and averted her gaze to the waterfall beyond him. "I called you here, Black Jaguar."
"You speak our language?" His eyes rounded in surprise. He looked pleased. A light touch on his mind told her he was pleased to see her... and more. "How do you know my name?"
"That's what your people call you, isn't it?" She didn't dare meet his striking green gaze.
"Indeed." He strode closer, the scabbard on his hip clicking against high leather boots. He wore short blades on his belt as well... forbidden blades. Up close, he smelled of sea spray.
Talina jumped off her stump and took a step back, keeping the stump safely between them. "I saw your people bring you the boar they killed."
Black Jaguar grinned, revealing strong white teeth. "It's a great way to start the day, knowing that we won't starve."
"Killing land animals for food is cruel and cowardly." Talina detected no shame in his mind. He was proud of what he was, and that scared her. "They have no defense against your metal blades."
"Believe me, the boar had a fighting chance." Black Jaguar chuckled. "Have you seen his tusks?"
Talina shuddered. How could anyone be so mean? "You should be ashamed of yourselves."
"We have to eat, and meat is best for a warrior's strength." He straightened his spine, exulting pride. "We Zerkers are warriors."
"Warriors?" Talina understood the word, but the implications were too odious to comprehend.
"It's easier to fight on a full stomach." Black Jaguar exuded a lusty happiness.
"Fight? Fight what? Fight whom?" All Talina believed to be good in this world would be trampled by a people who glorified fighting.
Black Jaguar froze and frowned at her. "Why are you looking at me as if I'd killed your best friend?"
"That boar was a friend." Talina choked on the words. "All the animals in this jungle are my friends." Anger clouded her mind. "Your people are truly evil, like my brother said, like the Star People said."

"The Star People?" His eyes narrowed as if he struggled to understand. But of course, he didn't. He couldn't read her mind.

Talina steeled herself. "I didn't want to believe them, but now I see why they want you and your people dead. You do not deserve to live."

Black Jaguar's dark face hardened and his jaw clenched. "Only the Great Engineer decides who lives and who dies."

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