Mystical Seduction

Mystical Seduction
By Dorothy McFalls
Contemporary Paranormal Romance (HOT)

Love isn't in the equation but fate has other ideas.

Faith Summers wanted some forbidden fun on her birthday—a night in her sexy boss’s bed. What she gets is more than she bargained for when her encounter with Horace West results in mind-blowing sex, attempted murder and a magical explosion that turns her world upside down.

Faith is human. Horace is not. He's a Protector—a race of supernatural beings who protects humans from otherworldly attacks. The last thing Horace needs is a woman. They’re nothing but trouble. And that's exactly what he gets when he encounters Faith Summers—trouble. The sultry vixen did everything in her power to drive him crazy. Still, sleeping with her was a mistake. A huge mistake.

A crazy night of passion unleashes Horace’s mystical powers on the world. Now, unless Horace can undo what Faith has done to him, she will die.


He’s gone.

Faith stopped dancing and stared at the empty space where Horace had stood with his arms crossed over his broad chest. She’d felt certain he’d been watching her. The press of his intense gaze had made her feel sort of light-headed and tingly.

She’d liked it and missed it right away, and she missed him.

“Come on.” Her friend Kimmi tugged on Faith’s arm and started to gyrate her hips in time with the music. “Dance with me.”

Faith forced a smile and followed Kimmi’s movements while trying to push thoughts of Horace West and his sexy-as-sin body from her mind. She had no business lusting after the club’s owner. Heck, she’d never even met him.

Tim, the head bartender had hired Faith a little over a month ago. She’d expected Tim would have introduced her to Horace by now. But on the nights she served, Horace conveniently kept his distance.

After a while, she began to think Horace treated all his employees that way. However, last week after attending her last class for the day at the University of Chicago, she’d stopped by the bar to pick up her paycheck. Immediately she’d spotted Horace with the bartenders. He laughed at a joke one of them had made and acted like part of the group, friendly even. It was enough to give a girl a complex, considering how he’d never so much as smiled in her direction.

So tonight, when her friends asked her where she wanted to go for her birthday, she had picked Club West. It had seemed like a perfect opportunity to get a closer look at the club’s young, sexy owner.

On her birthday, a time for wishes to come true, she planned to find out why Horace West persistently avoided her.

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