Naughty excerpt...

Matt only got as far as his truck before turning back around. Maggie hadn’t shut the door yet. He sucked in his breath. She was still there, standing in the threshold and watching him, with the soft glow of the living room light behind her. His gaze raked over her slender silhouette, and the way the light was shining through her nightgown. She might as well have been naked. He felt a burning need uncoil in his gut. Why couldn’t he just walk away? He knew why, because he was thoroughly bewitched by her.

As she continued to stand there, he took in the hourglass shape of her, the way her legs were slightly parted, and the shadowy patch between that her skimpy panties outlined. He swallowed hard. His eyes continued to follow the shapely line of her thighs and legs down to her bare feet, before shifting back up to the rounded fullness of her breasts.

His mouth went dry. His senses went into overdrive and his cock lengthened and grew with hunger. He hesitated for only a second before deciding to walk back. The thought of spending the night in Maggie’s bed far outweighed his intention of sleeping in his truck outside her door. He forced her to step out of his way as he plowed through the entrance way, telling himself all he wanted was a quick lay. Only the truth was he wanted more from Maggie.

Damn her!

“Forget something?”

Matt closed and locked the door, never taking his eyes off her. The sexy softness of her voice traveled over him, teasing his senses and keeping him aroused. He forced her to turn, then steered her toward the stairs that led to the loft, and her bedroom. “You said you have wants too, so let’s get to it.” He was right behind her.

He knew he was being crude but reminding Maggie of her earlier comment was a good excuse to ignore the real reason he wanted to make love to her.

A nervous laugh escaped her. “Right this minute?” She was halfway up the stairs and turned to face him. Seductive eyes moved slowly over him, pausing at his hard-on.

He didn’t like the little smile of victory on her face and clenched his teeth. “What better time?” He just barely managed to catch himself before mowing her over. His hands grasped the rails on either side of her, effectively entrapping her. With her several steps above him, his eyes were level with her breasts. An inch forward and he could take one in his mouth and wipe that smile of triumph right off her face. “Since I’m in the neighborhood, and in the mood,” he explained. “Thanks to you.”

“But I didn’t do anything,” she defended herself. “I’m innocent. No one made you come here tonight,” she pointed out.

Matt wanted to mate. His laugh was low and throaty. “Innocent!” he barked with disbelief. “You knew exactly what you’re doing, Red. You have from the beginning. And I’ve been playing right into your hands.”


Matt let his gaze slide downward in a slow sweep that had to tell Maggie exactly what he was feeling. “No buts, honey, and no emotions, just raw, hot sex. A lot of it.” Her eyes rounded but she remained silent. “Nothing to say?” he demanded softly. “Good, than we know where we stand.” For every step he took forward, Maggie took one backwards. “Once we’ve done this a few times, then you can decide if you want to be as free with your body without the commitment.”

“A few times?” A short laugh escaped her as she continued up the stairs, backwards. “I’m not sure if I’m up to a few times,” she teased.

Matt ignored her comment and continued to stalk her until the back of her knees came in contact with the edge of her bed. He wanted to erase the gleam of amusement from her eyes but damned if he wasn’t fighting the urge to grin in return. She made wanting her too easy.

“Now what?” she whispered.

Matt’s eyes fell to her mouth. “You want a blow-by-blow description? You take off your clothes. Then we get down to business.”

A laugh escaped Maggie. “You expect me to just put out?”

He shrugged. “If that’s what you want to call it, honey.”

“Maybe I’m not in the mood.” Obvious amusement flickered briefly in her eyes.

Matt shook his head and reached out to caress her cheek—an action that revealed much more than words. “It doesn’t work that way. And besides, you forget I had my fingers inside you just a few moments ago. You were wet and hot, sweetheart.” Before either one of them realized his intentions he leaned forward and touched his lips to hers in a kiss. It was too sweet. He deepened it until passion spiraled out of control. They were both slightly out of breath when he pulled away.

Maggie surprised Matt by reaching for the hem of her gown. She brought it over her head and let it drift carelessly to the floor between them. Matt’s gaze narrowed, yet he never lowered his eyes from hers. Instead, he reached forward and curled his hand around a plump breast, grazing the puckered nipple back and forth with his thumb. His reward was the warm color spreading across Maggie’s face. As he caressed first one breast and then the other, she swayed into his touch, releasing a little, breathless sigh. Her hands fell upon his shoulders, as if she needed help to remain on her feet.

Matt’s gaze fell to her breasts, their crowned peaks tilted upward slightly, seeming to beg for further attention. Attention he was only too eager to give. He bent forward and fastened his mouth onto one. Her cry echoed throughout the small cabin. Matt lifted her to continue loving her body with his mouth and tongue, tracing a path over her quivering breasts and belly below, before returning to her breasts. As he slowly lowered her against him, his mouth moved along the curve of her throat, taking her mouth in a long, searing kiss.

They were both trembling when it ended. “What about your panties?” he asked hoarsely, his nostrils flaring wildly with desire. The scent of their arousal was heavy around them, and Matt had to steel himself to take things slow.

“What about them?”

There was a challenge in her tone that Matt was only too willing to accept. His hand glided down her body until he reached them. He toyed with Maggie for a moment, running his finger along the elastic well below her bellybutton. His journey took him to the triangle outlining her mound. His finger dipped inside, brushing along the soft curls, finding them wet at the core of her. She caught her breath, trembling. His blood turned hot.

He curled his probing finger and tore the garment from her in one quick movement.

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