Blurb -
Charlie was miles off course when her plane crashed, and on a trip that had been meant to be a surprise for her parents. The Alaskan wilderness was bound to be the death of her before rescue came.

Luke Remington came though, the darkly handsome, coldly distant stranger dragging her unwillingly to his cabin miles from anywhere. And, sealed away from the rest of the world, they discovered a passion for one another that neither could deny--and neither wanted to accept.

Excerpt -
Luke's eyes narrowed on Charlie, trying to decipher her reasons for provoking him, wondering why it was so important she get a reaction out of him. What was she looking for? He concluded the longer he stood there the brighter her smile became. A clear indication she thought she had him right where she wanted.

“It won’t work Charlie.” Once again he was striding towards the door.

He was just about to step up the first step when he heard Charlie release a shriek of frustration. He grinned, until he realized she was right behind him.

“What won’t work? Trying to prove that you’re human?” She cut Luke off at the porch, moving around and in front of him before he could stop her. She walked up the steps backwards. “What buttons do I have to push, mountain man?” Her tone moved over Luke like warm honey.

He tried to swallow but everything about Charlie assailed his senses all at once. The sparkle in her eyes, her spirit, the rosy glow on her pretty cheeks. Most of all that wild hair, which seemed to have a life of its own. Luke pictured what she would look like naked, with it draped all about her. Covering just what it needed to cover to wet a man’s appetite, to keep him hungry for more.

He sucked in great gulps of crisp mountain air, and warm woman.

She was too close.

“Well?” Her tone was low and husky. Their eyes clung. “I can see it in your eyes, mountain man. You want to let go. Do it Luke.”

Luke dropped his line of fish and grabbed Charlie by the shoulders, slamming her up against the cabin door and pinning her there with his hard body. He heard the breath leave her lungs with a loud whoosh, watched her pupils dilate with emotion. He wanted to believe it was fear but his gut told him Charlie didn’t frighten easily. As he closed in she tilted her head, meeting the anger in his eyes and not backing down one inch.

“Is this what you want, Charlie? Is this the kind of reaction you’re looking for?” Anger raced through Luke’s blood that she’d pushed him into touching her. Something he hadn’t wanted to do. The feel of her small, vibrant body against his was weakening his resolve to remain indifferent. His lips thinned as he lowered his face closer. He grated the words down at her. “Are you happy now?”

“It’s a start,” she said foolishly, those incredible eyes of hers filling with a glint of satisfaction.
“Doesn’t it feel good letting your emotions go for a change?”

“You have no idea.”

Luke had no idea he was going to kiss Charlie until he was doing it. With a hungry groan he slanted his mouth over hers, cutting off any smart remark he sensed was forthcoming. He didn’t care that he was stealing the breath from her, or that he’d forced his tongue inside her mouth to battle her sweetly responsive one. Sensations he hadn’t felt in a long time exploded through his body with the force of a cyclone, making him hungry and afraid at the same time.

He knew once he’d touched her he would be hard pressed to let her go. Since the moment they’d met he’d reacted to her like a man to a woman. Everything seemed to be leading up to this moment of madness, in spite of trying his damnedest to deny those feelings and keep his distance. But damn her, she’d made it exceedingly difficult. Well, he hoped she was happy now because he was giving her the human reaction her goading demanded. The sounds of a satisfied purr rumbled low in her throat, giving him the answer to his thoughts. Making Luke realize the situation could easily turn dangerous between them.

Her response caused sharp arousal to uncoil from deep inside him, shaking him with its intensity.
His senses were suddenly alive and throbbing with stimulation, the blood in his veins turning to molten lava. He could feel the heat of Charlie through their clothes, sensed the need flowing through her blood was just as needy as his. Her soft whimpers became hungry moans, rendering him powerless to stop from thrusting his aroused body against her.

Every fiber of his being demanded he take what she seemed willing to give, but when she arched into his intimate act Luke ended the kiss abruptly. Out of breath, he rested his forehead against hers for a moment while struggling for control. Charlie was panting too, her breath intermingling with his, their hearts pounding wildly against each other as one. It took super human strength not to take her there, standing against the door with all of Mother Nature looking on. Luke wondered if she’d shut up about wanting to see a human response out of him then.

“Are you satisfied now?” His tone held a mixture of desire and self-loathing.

ebook by New Concepts Publishing

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Ohhh that was hot...

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Hi KOKO! Have you cooled down yet?