The Valentine Effect

The Valentine Effect, a Strangers in the Night story, now available at Samhain.

A man whose passionate heart has been torn apart. A woman who’s never risked hers. Can love bring them a new beginning?

Carrie Morrison is resigned to spending another Valentine’s Day alone, but Cupid brings her a surprise—packaged in the hot body of the father of one of her third grade students. When Enrique Torres stops by her classroom to discuss his son, sizzling chemistry erupts between them.

Ric is a widower, father, garage mechanic, and the hottest Latin lover a woman could wish for to fulfill her Valentine fantasies. One hot night with Carrie in his bed leaves him wanting more, but she’s not sure if she’s brave enough for a relationship beyond a one night stand.

But Ric isn’t about to let Carrie go that easily. She has healed his broken heart, and he’s ready for forever.

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