Stocking Stuffers

Now available from Phaze, Stocking Stuffers by Jamie Hill

Ben Mercer is comfortable with his life in tiny Mabel, Oklahoma. He's got a good job, nice friends, a loving family and a dog who lets him believe he's the boss. Everything that a man could want--almost. Dean Caldwell wasn't happy living in the small town, and moved away as soon as he could. He's back for the holidays, with the idea of dragging Ben off to the city with him. Ben's insistent about staying, and sparks fly between the two men, in more ways than one.

Elements: M/M

Length: HeatSheet (13K words)
Rating: 3 Novas

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Adult excerpt:

"Don't talk." Ben reached out, dragging his body close. As they kissed, he unbuttoned the man's shirt and shoved it off, and to the floor. The belt was next, and Ben managed to unfasten the buckle and drag the jeans down without removing his tongue from Dean's mouth. He was on fire, and there was no stopping him.

His mouth swept lower, tonguing the hard ridge running the length of Dean's neck. Still lower, he stopped to suckle both flat nipples, until they were puckering nubbins. Ben dropped to his knees, examining the bulging erection tenting the tight, white briefs. He plunged forward, settling his mouth around the bulge, briefs and all.

Dean groaned and gyrated his hips, letting his hands fall to Ben's head, fingers dragging through the short hair. "Oh my God," he whispered.

Ignoring everything but the appendage in front of him, Ben allowed one hand to slip inside the briefs and caress. The excitement was almost too much to bear, so he drew down the shorts and bit his lip as the raging cock sprang free. "Yes," he sighed before nuzzling his face against the soft head and foreskin. His tongue reached out, flicking the underside, causing the cock to jump. Ben smiled. He still knew the moves to make this man squirm.

Dean thrust his hips and he took advantage, swallowing as much of its length as he could. Both men groaned with pleasure, one rocking back and forth and the other gobbling, licking and sucking as much, and as quickly, as he could. He caressed the low-hanging ball sac and felt the orbs withdraw. If he remembered correctly, soon his mouth and throat would be flooded with thick, warm come. The very idea sent a thrill down his spine, and Ben sucked even harder to get things going.

"Wait." Dean reached for his face, rubbing his cheeks lightly as he pulled his cock out. "My turn." He took a step back and dropped to his knees.

Copyright (C) 2007 Jamie Hill

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