Phaze Fantasies Vol. IV Released Today

Phaze Fantasies: Volume IV

A blood-pumping vampire urban fantasy, a steam punk futuristic science fiction, a sensual time-travel and a gritty contemporary--these four steamy tales of erotic romance, each uniquely different from the other and all set in New York's famed Grand Central Terminal, are guaranteed to ignite your fantasies.

"And Then There Were" by Vivien Dean
What demon hunter Ryan Nixon thinks is a routine hunt in Grand Central Station turns into an orchestrated nightmare when the vampires turn the tables. Corralled with some of the best hunters in the world, Ryan comes face to face with the woman who saved his life a decade earlier. Tala Mamola is beautiful, deadly, and the object of his hero worship. Together, they must figure out a way to break the spell trapping them in the station, or together, they will die

"Scorpion's Orchid" by Eva Gale
Dr. Martin Detweiller has been searching for a way to save the mutant Scorpicos youth for years, and he may have found a cure. A hormone precursor from the rarest orchid in the world. But Katerina Metrenko, the orchid smuggler won't sell them to him no matter how much he offers.
Katerina is a mother to a gaggle of orphans, and if she doesn't keep paying City Officials they'll take her children to the Salt Mines. When Doc corners Katerina during a shipment, he comes up with a solution that might help them both. Get married. At least he thought that would be a solution.

"Railroad Standard Time" by Philippa Grey-Gerou
Grand Central Terminal is known as the crossroads of the world. Dani Whitehall didn't realize how true that was until the day she ran into the enigmatic Trev Sutcliffe on the main concourse. Dani finds herself drawn to this dashing stranger, little knowing that the secrets he keeps will show her New York in a way she could never have imagined...

“Beneath the Surface” by Cat Johnson
A secret lies deep below the streets of New York and it is Rick Jones’ task to discover it. But who he encounters inside Grand Central Terminal is far more intriguing than what he was hired to find, that being Beth, the smart, sexy and slightly socially-awkward conservation expert more concerned with preserving history than creating her own. Rick is a determined man, but can he both solve the mystery as well as free the sexual creature he is sure Beth is hiding just beneath the surface?


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