Fruits of Betrayal, a Terran Realm Book

The fourth Terran Realm book, Fruits of Betrayal is now available at Liquid Silver Books.
For those of you who've been wondering what was in the mysterious box in Measure of a Man , you'll find the surprising answer.

"Can he trust the woman who betrayed him to help save the one he loves?"

Justin Foster has long been a respected, valued Protector of the Keepers of the Environment. His loyalty to KOTE shatters when Destroyer Raymond Brody has something he needs and Justin betrays all he believes in.

Elyse Greenwood’s psyche is a battleground where good and evil struggle daily. Torn between her Protector tendencies and her Destroyer allegiance, she has yet to fully commit to either side.

The two former lovers are forced to work together and along the way acknowledge some truths about themselves. As more of Brody’s plan for world domination is revealed, those involved discover how far they will go to achieve their own desires and learn that the fruits of betrayal are not always sweet.

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